Unable to grasp
Skills easily understood
By scores of people

Makes me feel useless,
Frustrated, disappointed
With my shortcomings

I know in my heart
That everyone, at some stage
Walked in the same shoes

Their skills were acquired
But now they have them, most think
Just learn already!

While the rest smile,
Giving empty words of hope
Which fail to comfort

Let me talk to Time
Only his words could soothe me
For only he knows

Of the need to keep
Going, never to give up
During the tough times

But above all, it's
The eons that Time has spent
Watching over us

That makes me realise
I must have faith that things will
Work out in the end


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This haiku story is based on recent experiences of mine. I wanted comforting words but received none, so I write this in the hope that it may be helpful to someone else who may be feeling that they'll never get the hang of something.