I tried my hardest to make this poem sound euphonious, but it was difficult at parts. This is probably the most personal poem I've written since "Balancing Act" and it took over two hours to write instead of my usual four minutes. Um...that's about all I have to say. Yeah. Er, live long and prosper, I guess.

The Heart of Addiction

You, sir, are a mouth
With a tongue long as a shoelace
It licks my fingertips with an ill-conceived hope
Of knowing, knowing
A touch and a person with no mouth at all
A mindless addiction, your teeth blunt, my satisfaction ignored
There's a heart on the floor with a throbbing beat
And a lonely woman with heavy feet
I am the spider biting her finger,
Slipping her poison
And watching her fall
(She has no mouth at all)

Your eyes are like the candlelight
Blown out by frozen whispers
I believe I believe I believe
Your anonymity
The sound of a broken trigger pulled
It is my life and yours alone.

Picture nothing withered
In snow or dead-leaf season
Exposed poisoned breath
Capturing Nothing There
Picture nothing withered
When you've satisfied your craving
For booze, a concrete alcoholic,
Trampling on the flowers with boots nailed to the petals
A rotted sentence started
Nothing lasts anymore

Drop the words and carvings;
You don't know what to do
With your eyelids, and you're fearful
That they've shown you nothing lately
You haven't seen before,
Dead skin left to hinder
A body running through the wind
She can't run,
Can't speak,
Or stay awake at all
You've known of all these windows
Painted black to match the walls
Never said a thing about them,
Till you shattered them one autumn
The glass bit your knuckles open
Open like a handbag
And there was only bone

Can I taste your new addiction
With its side affects all present
Share a kiss with nervous breakdown
And I'll stand up just to fall,
Can I try your new consumption
Breathe the darkness, maybe mention
My new cancerous relation to the spider that once crawled
Over lullabies now frozen, bit a heavy-footed woman
I was her but now she's you
And we're all a starving season
(Nothing lasts anymore)