A Vampires Love

Once upon a time, a clock struck midnight.

A cat sat upon a fence, and licked himself clean.

All was quiet except the ding dong of the clock and the purring of the cat.

Then he came, clothed in a black cape with a hood that covered his face.

That was fortunate because his face was of another world and many would be struck by fear if they saw what the hood covered.

It was not that he was ugly, oh no, quiet the opposite as a matter fact.

His ethereal beauty could make both women and men fall to his feet and kiss the hem of his robes.

But his eyes was another thing. One shined emerald green and one grey as the ocean on a stormy night.

That was a sign of bad luck in the old days, now it is pretty common but back then...

His raven locks fell out of his braid and hanged down in curls around his pale face.

His long and pointy ears were revealed when he slowly took the hood of his head.

He was beautiful.

Then the clock chimed for the last time this hour and his transformation began.

He fell to the ground and screamed in pain, he started to convulse and a big set of beautiful dark wings sprouted out of his back. They were blacker then the night sky and they didn´t reflect the light of the fullmoon that blessed the sky with her presens.

His eyes slowly turned to a blood crimson colour, a pair of pearly white fangs pierced his lower lip and his nails turned into black and razorsharp claws.

From his mouth came a painful scream full of despair.

He hadn´t wished for this to happen.

Suddenly he sprang up into the air and his wings beared him over dark forests, lakes and lightfilled cities.

He flied and his screams filled with sorrow could be heard all over the land.

Then, he felt it. The Pull.

He slowed down and hestiated a bit before shooting down through the clouds.

Then he spotted her, a young woman in a green was wearing a yellow cape with a hood that covered her head. Her hair rested in long, red curls around her face and her dark blue eyes stared at him, but it was not with fear and panic that she looked upon him but with calm and submition.

Then she opened her ruby red lips and spoke to him;

"Come, Prince of the Night and claim your prey. I know you will not hurt me, because my brothers are the same as you." The she bared her neck to him, closed her eyes and waited.

But he looked at her and was hit by her beauty, and suddenly he understood that the pull that he felt every night was different to this. Then he knew. This young woman offering her blood to him was his mate.

"Open your eyes and cover your neck, Lady. I am unable to drink your blood. What is your name beautiful maiden?"

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise. Then she bluhed lightly when she heared what he had called her. She felt that such nobelty should be rewarded.

"My name is Malicena. And do not call me Lady for my mother is the queens maid and my father is unknown."

He looked at her with understanding in his eyes and he said to her.

" If you do not want me to call you Lady then what shold I call you? It is not appropriate for a common man like myself to call a woman of noble blood by her given name."

She stared surprised at him.

" I am not of noble blood, my good man. Where did you get the idea that I was anything more then the bastard daughter of a maid?"she exclaimed in shock and, hope?

He looked at her with amusement shining in his eyes.

" I know your father my Lady, you look just like him except the eyes. Those must be your mothers. You father is a very noble man, both in heart and blood. He is the king of the elfs and all that is light. He was one of my closest friends but as all young men I was curious and one day I wandered too far on one of my adventorous walks. I became the prey of a bloodthirsty vampire that was too greedy and took too much of my blood.

I was turned and this is the outcome. I haven´t seen your father since then but we keep in touch with letters."

She looked upon him with a inquiring look and said.

"You said that my father is the king of the elfs, can you prove it?"

He smiled at her. "Lift your hood from your head and show me your ears."

Her eyes widened and she did what he told her. She touched her ears and they were pointy just like his.

"How did you know of my ears?" she aked.

"All the children of the elfs have pointy ears, my ears are the only things that proves that I once was an elf." He told her.

She looked at him and her eyes told him that she understood. The she asked another question.

"When I bared my neck to you, you didn´t drink. Why?"

"You are my mate, my chosen one. If I were to drink your blood I would change you and we would bond our hearts and minds together. I did not want to do that without your consent." He said and looked deeply into her eyes.

She met his gaze and she could see his love for her, and she returned it with full power.

"I want to be with you, my Prince of Night, I want you to change me. Then we can be together for all eternity. But I do not know your name, what is it?"

He had a loving smile on his face when he answered.

"My name is Vincent, and I want to be with you for all eternity too."

Then he took her in his arms and he pierced her neck with his fangs. She gave a small sigh and then she swooned in his arms. Slowly she started to change. Her red hair darkened to a bloodred colour, her nails became black long claws, two pearly white fangs adorned her mouth and when she opened her eyes again they had become a crimson red colour only a shade darker then his.

He held her tightly when she started to convulse and scream in pain and gently let her go when her wings sprouted out of her back, they were not dark black like his but a very dark red, so dark that they almost looked black.

He hastily took her back in his arms when the last tremors of pain passed through her body and he whispered promises of love in her pointed ears.

They slowly stood up again still in a tight embrace. They shared a sweet kiss and smiled at each other before they throwed themselves up into the air and hand in hand they flied away through the nightsky to never be seen again.

The End