Okay okay okay. A heads up before you read this. This is not to be insulting to anyone or anything at all. I just thought it was funny, in a sadistic sort of way. ' but anyways, I went to this poem site and was just scanning the titles. All of them were all of the angsty-ness like "I am alone" "Why should I go on" and "He left me, so I die now." Along those lines. This is my response to their over-emo-ness. Don't say I didn't warn you…

Oh em gee

I am being dark.

Dark seems to be in right now.

So I will follow the trend because:

I cannot think outside the box,

I do not have any of my own thoughts in my head

Following others is easier than trying to be different,

And risk being shunned.

I do not like to be original

I do not like to be myself

I am emo

Or goth.

Or any of those other group.

Dark is what I do.

It is so easy to accomplish.

Just sit there, and not talk

Wear black.

Don't bother to be yourself.

Because in actuality, you have no idea

Who you really