short, sorry to all my readers, next one will be longer and the one after that.

Chapter 1

Jin ran quickly down the alle way of the city. As she ran she heard the sound of foot steps. Quickly she stepped into a doorway and behind a wall. The foot steps came closer until the were almost upon her. The foot steps then stopped only a few feet away from Jin.

"Which way did that rat go." a man's voice said. His voice was full of anger and would make most cower in fear. Jin stood, with her eyes closed, tall against the wall as if becoming a part of it.

"Well we know she came this way look at the dust that has moved." A different man said his voice holding a kindness in it. Jin's eyes burst open as the man finish what he said. Jin moved her arm closest to the door slowly to the door nob without making a sound.

"You both have a false in what you have said." a woman said. Her voice was soft and made Jin want to turn and see the woman. Jin felt her hand touch the door nob and she slowly and silently fit her hand round the object. "That 'rat' as you called her Danim is not a rat, yet a small little mouse. Talan, she didn't come this way, she is here." Jin turned the door nob and threw open the door. As the foot steps raced toward her Jin raced up the stairs. She reached the roof with the chasers close on her heels. Jin breathed hard as she reached the roof. Quickly she ran to the edge of the building as the chasers reached the roof.

"Child, don't be foolish step away from the edge, come with us." The woman said her voice sweet making Jin almost turn back until she remembered what had happened. Jin turned and stared at the people who stood behind her. Then turning back to the edge she gave a large whistle. The three chasers looked around as a unusual noise was heard. Suddenly the girl jumped off the building. The three chasers ran to the edge but before they got there they were pushed back by a wind that was caused by a larged winged creature. Jin sat on its back as it stayed level with the chasers for a few split seconds. The creature had a cat body with large ears, and two tails. Jin stared at the chasers before one began open fire. Jin ducked holding onto the creature tightly. Jin extended her arm and pointed it at the chasers. Suddenly her arm changed into a large barreled gun. The chasers stared as three shots were fired. Three metal bottles landed not far from the three chasers. They stared at them as Jin was flown away from where she lept.

"Run!" Danim screamed to the others . The Three turned begining to return back down the stairs as the flash gernades errupted.

Jin landed on a building roof not far away. Pulling a small stone from her pocket she stared at the creature

"Change." She said softly. Instantly the creature became the size of a house cat. The cat's long ears were almost as big as it's body. Its tails were large and were twice the size of it's body. Reaching her arms out after placing the stone back in her pocket the cat leaped in her arms. Jin walked to the door that lead to the stare way and without looking back she decended down the stairs softly petting the creature who purred in her arms.