Warning about this chapter it goes back and forth in this chapter and the next. It will all aventually be explained never fear. But it might be a little confusing, and you might not know which villan is truly the bad villan I will never tell because frankly I don't know yet so you'll just have to wait, send me ideas or other wise, well with out further adieu I give you the second chapter which is longer and confusing but will be summed up in chapter 3 hopefully.

Chapter 2

Mae walked down the road, two guns was strapped onto her thighs hidden underneath her long black leather jacket. She stopped and touched the necklace that hung off her pale white neck. The necklace was a skull and crossbones that hid a glowing stone inside. Mae sighed as she looked about her. What had become a once thriving city was slowly turning into a giant junkyard. The once stone buildings were replaced with metal larger structures that cluttered the city. The roads that children used to play on were filled with metal bodies that were controlled by the stiff minds of adults. The minds that had no sympathy or compassion that their children will never have a child hood. Never have a dream of their own. All they would have is an obligation to a future their parents would die trying to create. Mae sat down on the cold ground, as the silence of the city came to her ears.

"Not a howl of a dog nor a screech of a cat. No in this city all you hear at night is the silence of death." Mae said out loud. A giant breeze flew past her and suddenly Mae felt a hand rip her necklace off of her neck. Mae watched as a person in the breeze ran off clutching her necklace. Cursing Mae quickly pulled out a stone from her pocket.

"Follow." Mae said with a firm voice. Instantly Mae found herself running after the person with such speed anyone who saw her would have only saw a blur. It wasn't long before Mae was only a few feet behind the thief. Pulling out another stone she quickly yelled out

"Wind!" Suddenly the thief was blown back into a building Mae had used to hold the thief. Mae walked to the thief. Who grasped her necklace fast. Mae made the wind hold the thief fast up against the wall. Then she took back her necklace and frowned at the chain that had broke. "You know now I'm going to have to go and buy a new chain because you've broken my old one." Mae slipped her necklace into her pocket still holding the stone fast. Mae then went to the thief's hand and took out the stone the young child held onto tightly. The stone was a clear color with misty white streaks. Mae stared at the stone with a reconishion and thought of her sister. Mae whistled and pocketed the stone. Foot steps were heard and Mae cursed. Mae closed her eyes and thrust the stone that was still in her hand out. "Wind." Mae said her voice calm. Instantly Mae and the young thief were flown into the air away from the foot steps. The thief stared at Mae. Mae did nothing accept stare at the way they were flown through the air as the wind blew them. "What's your name kid." Mae asked holding tight to the stone.

"Jack." the kid said. Mae smiled as the wind began to slowly drop them.

"Well Jack, you handled your stone so well I've decided to instead of letting you be caught by the government to bring you back to my home, I hope I can trust you cause if you prove to be dishonest my family may kill you." The child stared at Mae. "Aren't you a Alchemist?" Mae asked. The thief looked puzzled as Mae and the kid found them selves on a roof. A large animal ran towards them and jumped onto Mae. Mae smiled and pet the creature. The creature was about the size of a great Dane. The creature however had a tail that was as long as its body, and had three eyes with one in the middle of its forehead. The creature licked Mae's face but stopped when seeing the thief. The creature turned and growled showing its teeth.

"Jonk." Mae said in a stern voice. "Don't growl at our guest, now go tell Jin and the others, go on now." Mae said. The creature turned and went through a door that was found on the far side of the roof. Turning back to Jack, Mae motioned for the thief to follow. Mae began to walk down the stairs followed by Jack who followed slowly. Mae was half way down the stairs when the thief fell, stumbling down them. Mae turned to see the kid falling and quickly used wind to catch him. Mae felt Jack's forehead and felt a fever. Cursing Mae ran down the stairs Jack following being brought by the wind. Mae burst through the door her family smileing to her.

"Quickly," Mae said raising her voice. "Matty go get Gin hurry go." A young boy sprung to his feet and ran out the door. Mae felt sick and felt herself falling then before anyone could do anything Mae fell and dropped her stone. The stone slid across the floor until it stopped under the foot of a girl.

"Shit Mae." The girl said picking up the stone. Quickly she moved to the opened door where Mae lay with a young kid almost on top of her. Quickly she turned to the others who stood in the room. "Russ, Brod, Dan, Dee, go get water, and some blankets into the kitchen. Kyle, Jek, Ian, go and help finish dinner I'll get these to up."

"But Jin, its not even time for dinner yet, and we could help you." A kid said. The girl stared at the kid who began to talk back.

"Just do it." she said in a cold voice. The kid swallowed as did the rest. Slowly they stood and began to walk out of the room and do as they were told.

The girl who held the stone quickly called wind and picked up the two and moved them both to a couch after doing so, she emptied Mae's and the kid's pockets and put the contence onto a table. After doing so she frowned at the results.

"Mae you little basturd." the girl said. She moved to a wall and pulled out a loose tile and carefully placed the items inside. After replaceing the tile she quickly went back to Mae and removed the guns from her side. Then turning to a different wall she pushed in a tile to show a secret passage way where she put the guns back in a place where they had been removed from earlier. She then did something that she would have never done before. Walking to the kid that Mae had brought with her she searched the kid's thighs, legs, and upper body to feel for a weapon. As she felt the upper body she felt something that made her jump back. The kid had breasts. Jin stared at the kid who had short hair and wore boy clothing. Jin took a deep breath before jumping again when feeling a brush against her leg. Jin looked down and stared at the cat creature. Jin sat down breathing hard.

"Kiki, I'm sorry I didnt mean to be startelled I just am not myself tonight." Jin said breathing deep. Suddenly Jin felt herself falling backwards as she felt herself useing control of her strength. Jin felt her friend lick her face as she felt herself slowly losing conciseness.

ten hours later

Doctor Gin Hector walked from the old building that had become the young gang's hide out. He smiled at there innocence. Turning back to the road he walked briskly down the road into the more populated part of the city. Looking up he hid his grin as the government's robotic army began to walk toward him.

"Hault." one of the higher robots said stepping toward Gin. He stopped standing tall holding his medical bag tightly in his hand.

"State your name and relation to the Ramo, capital of the Bisontinion empire." The higher ranking robot said in a commanding voice to Gin. Gin reached into a inside pocket of his coat and removed a badge with a identification card on it.

"My name is Doctor Gin Hector. Since the Government has enforced the curfew they have allowed only doctors, and officials of the Bisontine empire to rome the streets at night. Doctors in case of an emergency in the night from a house call. House calls have been frequently since a new virus has submerged. If you Question my honesty you yourself have a frequently updated data bank. Check my files for the Alchemy Virus that has infected almost ten individuals so far. Even the great Government is having trouble with this virus." The Robot lowered its head its eyes grew gray as it checked the data base. The other Robots took a step closer and raised their guns incase Gin might take a run for it. Gin stood still and waited for the robot to finish it's scan to make sure he had been telling the truth.

"Scan complete." Robot said in a lower voice. "Doctor Hector I must apologize for this misunderstanding but as you must know a criminal is on the loose so the entire city is on a lock down. You must stay to the main roads if you are to make any other house calls so the Bisontine government can find this herotic and associates and bring them down." Gin gritted his teeth and nodded not allowing the robot to catch his doubt.

"Doctor you are free to go on your way please be careful and may the Bisontine protect you from all danger." The robot bowed polietly and marched back to it's squadron where they began to walk forward. Gin waited for them to finish until he was sure they could no longer see him. Then turning he stepped into the allie and quickly walked back to the place he called his home laughing at who the robot official had been adressing as a criminal.

early the next morning

Jek sat in the room stareing at the stranger Mae had brought the following night. Doctor Gin had said they would be fine but what if they didn't? what if they died. Jek stared at Jin. She had called him the runt of the group and picked on him often. She would always make up for it though. It was she that taught Jek to defend himself, stand up for himself so he wasn't picked on by every one else. Jek stared at Mae. She was the one who spoiled him, didn't truly force him to do anything because of his size and his story that only a few truly knew. Then standing Jek went to the stranger. The kid was about Jek's size but looked as though he had never really tried to defend himself. The kid's hair was crudely cut, mushroom cut, as if he may have just done it with a dull knife. The color was a black, that was like ink. Jek had only seen ink a few times. Mae and Jin kept it hidden from the other kids because unless you were a government 'whore' as Jin usually stated you couldnt really get things. Anyway the only time Jek really saw Ink was when Mae left a bottle on a table. Jek being only seven swipped the bottle not knowing what was in it. Then Jek opened it and spilt it all over his was the blackest thing he had ever seen. He had seen dust clouds but usually there were gray spoches in them. Night skies were always lit up in the city and he had never even seen a star glow in a real place. Since the kid's eyes were closed Jek couldn't see the kid's eye color but he could bet what they were. Green. A deep emerald Green. Jek jumped back as the kid mumbled and shifted in his sleep.

"Jek." a familiar voice said softly. Jek turned to see Jin staring at him. "Jek my kid my little kid brother, you need to do something very important to me." Jin said Jek quickly moved to Jin's side and reached for her hand.

"What?" he said innocently. Jin motioned his hand away swiftly without even touching his.

"No, Basturd don't touch me you might get it. Listen, I want you to go to the secret passage where me and Mae usually go, I know you know where it is so don't try to be innocent. I want you to get all the hidden guns, knifes, and a box hidden over there." Jin said motioning to where she had hidden it the previous night. "Get all that stuff and put it in the hidden passage way night by night without being seen, especially the box. Then you must hide there every time some one who isn't with us comes just you, hide there if some one who isn't part of the family comes. Do you understand." Jin said closeing her eyes. Jek nodded.

"Yes, I got it when the family dosen't come."

"One more thing, never open that box, never, until I'm there with you, If I die then burn it promise me you'll do it." Jin said and then closing her eyes once more fell stared at Jin the standing and turning away muttered softly.

"I promise you Jin my dear older sister." With that he quickly grabbed the box and went into the secret passage way. Quickly he closed the door behind him and went further down the secret passage way where he began to walk until he found his spot where he always went to when he felt upset.