This is another odd chapter it's giving you an idea who I might make a villain. You may also notice I haven't given any character descriptions. Jin and Mae are girls. Jack is an undecided gender maybe girl or boy. Doctor Hector Gin is a guy older then Jin and Mae. Jek who is and underveloped main character is a boy a young runt. Hehe Jack gets a description but its not very helpful to um it's gender, Jek however thinks it's a guy, so does Mae and Gin. Jin well she swears she's felt brests on that kid, man boobs? Possibly but I'll never tell HAHA well probably.

Oh year one more note, I have added in time to my writing to make it less confuseing but I did that in the last chapter too so it doesn't matter. What I don't get is I can describe the creatures but yet I have not describe one character, well jack but it dosen't count cause that kis has only said maybe one word, strange that its probally gonna be a main character. Jonk and Kiki are Jin's and Mae's pets there not like actual house pets though.

Kiki is a house cat size normally, black fur, green eyes, two tails, a white streak of fur from nose to begining of spinal cord.(neck joint) long ears like half the size of body. Comes when called by Jin.

Jonk is a great dane size, dark brown fur, blue eyes ears cut to be like a doxin, you know like those german dogs, (god damnit it Fuu saw me describing a dog like this she'd kill me. Probally any of my friends.) Well uh long snout sort of thing. Tail as long as the body. Very protective over Mae,

Chapter 3

12:00 am

Jin awoke to see a farmilair face leaning over her.

"Are you coming around?" the voice asked. Jin groaned shifting a bit.

"Would I be opening my eyes if I weren't?" Jin questioned back. The man laughed.

"As lively as always Jin." The man said.

"Always Gin." Jin said beginning top sit up.

"Never using my proper title." Jin smiled closing her eyes leaning on the pillows that supported her.

"Do any of us ever do." Jin asked. The man laughed.

"You may want to rest up the government is after you so lay back down." Jin quickly opened her eyes and looked at the doctor that had taken care of her ever since she was little. The man had a blind fold on as he carefully felt Jin's temperature and felt for other signs.

"So what is it I, Mae, and the guest have."

"Jin you shot at Military personel. Do you know how much your wanted for. Anyone caught giving you assitance will be given the treatment." Jin closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

"What do I have Gin. Please tell me." Jin asked.

"You have a virus. This virus is passed on by an unnatural use of .." The man grew silent. Jin looked at everyone else in the room.

"Leave us." she said. "I'll have no one else know about this unless needed now go." The people who were helping in the room walked out and shut the door. Jin turned to Gin. "What is this virus." Jin asked calmly.

"The virus is caused by an individual who cannot rightly use the Alchemist's stones. This can be passed into individual who can use the stones. Jin I know you can use these stone but I just don't know how you or Mae could get this unless this new child has passed it to you both."

"The wind stone must've been infected. Mae used it to bring her and the kid home. Shit Mae." Jin said tears forming. "Is there a way to get rid of it." Gin shrugged.

"I don't rightly know you may be able to you may not. I don't know much about the virus, but I do know that the government is very interested in this virus and have been looking for ways to get around it. To get people to be able to use the Alchemist's stones without being actual Alchemists."

"How's Mae." Jin asked wiping the tears from her eyes.

"She will be alright. I don't think the two of you should use your stones for a while until I can analyze this virus and be able to find a cure to it." Jin frowned.

"What about Kiki, or Jonk." Jin asked as the doctor slowly shook his head. Jin felt tears form and she laid down. "Thank you Gin." Jin said as her tears fell down her cheeks. "I think I'll get some more sleep."Jin said Tears ran down her face staining her cheek. Gin nodded and turned away from Jin. As he did he called in one of the kids to help lead him around the room. Jin found herself slipping into sleep as the tears slowly began to stop. A cry was heard but Jin didn't hear it since she was dreaming of dreams that she had never had before.

The following morning 1:00 pm

Trisha Allen sat at her desk as another normal day of work began to pass. A hand grasped Trisha's sholder and made her jump turning around.

"Miss Allen is everything alright?" Trisha turned to face her superior Doctor Gin Hector.

"Fine Doctor in fact I have the resurch on that virus you wanted done." Trisha said handing a folder to the man. The man smiled and took the file glancing quickly at its contence.

"Thank you Trisha if you wouldn't mind doing more intense research on Alchemist's stones it would be highly appreciate it, off the books if you know what I mean." The Doctor smiled, leaning close to Trisha's ear whispered "I will even try to move you out of this dirt office and move you to your own more private where you could complete your own research like a real lab. I hear that the higher ups are looking for more scientists who can actually do proper research what do you say Trisha?" The Doctor said. Trisha's face went blank. As the doctor stood tall and smiled at her reaction.

"Do you mean it Doctor Hector?" Trisha asked. The doctor smiled.

"If you find a way to cure this virus, or even a way to a possibility of copying a stone, you'll have your lab, and a funder to pay for all the research you want to do." Trisha's eyes shined with glee.

"Doctor Hector do you know what it might mean if we can cure this virus, or even a possibility of a copying of a stone, we could have all the knowledge of the world, all the possibilities of immortality, the elixir of life Doctor." Trisha said excitedly. The doctor put a finger to his lip.

"Trisha please there are others that will try to steal this from you if you say it that loud." Trisha clamped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes looked down for a few seconds before meeting the doctor's.

"Sir if I were to have some blood of an original Alchemist, I may be able to find this cure a little faster." The doctor smiled even wider and leaned to Trisha's ear again.

"What if I were to give you three." The doctor said leaning closer to Trisha. "And please dear, call me Gin." Trisha put her lips onto the mans ear and bit slowly.

"Gin do you mind if we go some were a little more privet." The Doctor stood still slightly leaning over Trisha.

"Miss Allen if you don't mind please come with me to my office, I have some important topics to talk to you." Trisha smiled. This would be better then she had planned.

Same day 8;00 pm

Mae felt her blood being drained as she opened her eyes. Looking up she saw Gin slowly draining blood, his face uncovered.

"Gin?" She said weakly.

"Ah Mae, I'm taking blood samples to make tests for the virus."

"Is that what's wrong with me?" Asked Mae. Gin smiled.

"Unfortunately yes. However I'm doing all I can to help you all recover from this, the last thing on my mind is if I get caught. Oh and don't worry I've taken precations as to not see Jin's face."

Mae smiled as the doctor went on about protecting the children that she and Jin had been harboring. Then Mae jerked her eyes up as a questioned starteled her.

" you know who this boy is that you've picked up?" Gin asked. Mae nodded

"Yes Gin I've meet him before and we know each other a great deal." The doctor looked questionable to Mae.

"Are you sure, why is it you didn't bring this child in for an examination."

"I saw no need." The doctor shook his head.

"I'm going to have to take blood from the child too." Mae nodded but stopped when she felt in her pockets.

"Gin did you remove my stones from me?" The doctor looked up at Mae startaled. Then after a pause.

"Yes infact Jin gave me the stones that were infected with the virus." Mae chewed her lip before nodding.

"I see." Mae said and then looked over as Gin pulled out the neddel and and quickly injected something else so fast Mae couldn't react. "What the Bloo.." Mae was cut off as she began to feel herself lose control of her body parts.

"Mae what's that, let me enlighten you on a little secret. This kid that you've known for a long time is in line with the government the one that I'm working for, the one that want's Jin's head on a silver plater. Now I know that there are kids here that I havent yet examined, I know that this kid who you've brought here has infected both leaders that are in charge here. I also know that when I'm done injecting you I can gain control of this place and find all of the stones you have here and the rest so I can find a way to duplicat them. I know you and Jin have quite a bundle considering there is only twenty of them. I know that you have a runt in this place who probally knows where they are all and by bribing that kid I'll have all of the stones and the government soon under my control." Gin laughed and smiled as Mae tried to grit her teeth.

"Don't you fret none though I'll find a cure for this virus and will cure you and Jin even that kid whose help me so much." The Doctor laughed again as Mae felt her self falling asleep.

"You sick basturd." A voice said as Mae fell asleep not hearing another thing.

8:45 pm

Doctor Gin Hector turned to see Jin sitting up in bed. A cigaret she had just lit was in her mouth.

"Who would have expected a most trusted family friend could be behind all of it. Did that kid agree to do it or did you not plan on it. Pretty convinsing for the kid having a real stone. Well at least before you inject me with that shit tell me how long you've been planning this." Doctor Gin smiled pulling out the IV from Mae's arm.

"Well actually it was when I first met your family. They had this remarkable way to do things that were unexplainable. Going through walls, changing things into something that were something comepletly different. When I asked you father he merely stated that your family and a few others were full blooded Alchemists. I was amazed that something that had happened in the middle ages could have lasted till 9189. Your were born later that year. It was amazing how your family was so different from mine. My family always was true to the government, did what was right, never questioned the rules of the govenment even if they made you turn against someone you love. I never really understood. Your father taught me about the stones said if they were all collected the knowledge of the world could be that persons. When you were younger your father had fifteen stones fifteen. I tried to convince him to get the other five to not give the stones away to his children. His excuse was that he didnt want to know what the secrets to life was unless his family wanted it. Frankly I thought he was mad. He thought staying with his family, teaching them and loving them was more important then understanding what the meaning of life was. O told him he was crazy and decided that I would find a way to take the stones, get them togeather and understand what it was all about. So I planned it out, I told the government I knew where the rebels they had been searching for were. Since I was just a local doctor I thought I could get in, become better. I lead them to the house where your family was. I knew where your father hid the stones he had shone me, me being his most trusted friend. What I didnt know was that your father had given them away to your bothers, your sisters, and you. Ghost, wind, run, follow, change, swim, mirror, music, heal, rest hide, food, rain and mist. All of them given away, he didnt care about fame, fortoune, he told his kid what would happen if they went to the government, what would happen if they collected the stones and said it was there choice if right then they wished to leave, or stay. All fifteen kid decided to stay and help there father and mother. He smiled and then I came the next day, their friend. I told the military that if anything went bad they were to recognize me that my father had set it up. That he had found out about it somehow. They agreed and progamed their machines to do just that.

"We had a meal that Finch produced with her stone. We all ate I smiling even though I knew the deed that was going to be done. When I was about to leave the military came. The owners of ghost, wind, follow, change and hide used the hide stone and hid. Swim, music, heal, rest, food, rain and mist tried to fight but fled when their father gave the word."

"Hathor, Benny, Jal and Kon left me and Mae to hide with their stones it was impossible to find us after they had left so they had no way of finding us. They went to defend our father with Kiki, who had the stone of run. She lost her stone and they were all killed in the fight, then they like my father were put on the city walls the walls of herotics. A practice they havent done since the mideval times." Jin said and pick a stone out of her pocket. She formed a fist out before her.

"Change." she said and then she brought her hand close to her mouth. She opened her fist to show a hand full of tiny pieces of dust. She blew o it and instantly it blew into the air and disapeared onto the floor to small to see.

"Well there's one stone you wont be able to use for your plan." Gin moved toward Jin and stabbed a neddel in her arm. Jin laughed as the sedative began to take affect. Her cigarette fell onto the floor sinnging the floor barely. Then she fell into Gin's arms as she had no control. Gin smiled stamping out the cigarette then pushing Jin onto her make shift bed smiled as Jin stared at him.

"It will work little brat, it will work so well you'll wish you never thought to cross me." Jin closed her eyes slipping to sleep. Gin stared at a clock that sat in the room. 9:30 pm. Time to go Gin thought collecting the blood he had taken from the three victums. This was better then he thought.