I dont have a title for this little book yet but i will soon enough mind the miss spelling dont have word check, hope you like it so i can make a new chapter

chapter 1

Asi laid in the stable loft her hat covering her face. Boots were tied to her knees tightly made with a soft durable leather. Her long dark brown hair was tied back in a boyish fashion. Her clothes were custom made. Her pants of a strong thick materiel that was still light. Her shirt was made of a thin silky cotton material that fit Asi loosely. Asi closed her eyes her breathing slowing as she began to fall asleep.

Asi ran with her mother her heart racing, down the path to the village.

"Mother." Asi whispered gasping for breath as she ran. Asi's mother glanced quickly down at her 10 year old daughter. Asi glanced up meeting her mother's eyes. As she did she felt herself trip over a stone and fall. Her body slamming against the hard ground. Asi felt her mother help her up as she quickly pulled her off of the path to a hidden spot behind the undergrowth. Her mother opened a bag she had been carrying in her free hand. The bag was filled with her brother's clothes as Asi glanced into it. In a matter of seconds Asi's mother had a pair of boy clothes for Asi out and ready for her to change into. As quick as she could Asi quickly changed into the clothes and looked exactly like a boy with the exception of her hair. Her mother fixed it soon enough pulling out a ribbion she would use to tie Indiana's hair with she quickly pulled back Asi's hair and tied it tight. Then she pulled out a set of clothes for herself and to Asi's surprised changed herself. Before she placed on the shirt she pulled out some medical tape that she always used to help set Asi's and Kon's broken arms or legs. She wrapped it around her bosom tightly till when she was done she looked like a feminine hurt young man. Pulling her shirt over she tied her hair back and took hers and Asi's clothing and hid it in a bush. Pulling out two set of boots she quickly placed one on her feet and one to Asi.

"Hurry Asi it's almost dawn we have to make it before the captain needs to be off." Asi heard her mother say. Asi nodded and quickly pulled on the second pair of boots and began again to run with her mother to the town.

Asi looked up as a man moved from the pile of straw that was only a few feet from her left. Her hands quickly went to her sword and pistol. Her left hand inched to hold the pistol but instead she gently rested her hand on it, and moved her right hand to her hat adjusting it. The man looked drunk and moved to Asi.

"What a pretty little lass. But why in boy clothes." The man said his voice sounding slightly sluggish.

"Well thats because sir, I am a boy."Asi said lifting her pistol to the man's forehead as he tried to move onto Asi's petite body. The man stopped seeing the gun as if his drunkeness had vanished.

"No hard feelings young man." the man said putting his arms up in a surrender. Asi sat up fully and lowered her pitol.

"Simple mistake nothing horrible." Asi said nodding.

"Well lad if I may ask you name, you don't look like you belong in this city of merchants."

"You be right sir, Austen is me name, I am a traveler of a sort, a hand on a ship that is docked here although this city be right find might just stay here." The man chuckled. "Although I wouldn't do that till I'm of age to part my ship. She's been me home for almost 10 years now. But sir I've told you about my life if you would tell me about yourself."

"You'd be right My name be Grandfilled, Thomas Grandfilled although by the look of me there an't be nothing Grand bout me. In truth I'd be the Infamous Captain Thomas Grandfilled. I not be looking for treasure today no I'd be looking for a man; another Pirate, who I need to give a small preasent too."

"Well sir I wish I could help but I'm needing to get back to my ship in a few days and I cant help yo.."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that lad." The man said smiling. "I've seen you on his ship so I think you can help me."

"Sir I've only been on one ship and I don't think that's the one you mean. I don't sail under a Pirate ship, I sail under a merchant ship, the blue bird." Asi said staring at the man Her stare was bold and solid not backing down.

"Well lad the last time I saw you your hair was a little lighter but listen closely. Tell Captain Brahms that next time I see him he better be warriy. Or next time little Austen I'll have a pistol to your head instead of you to me." The man said. Then before Asi could defend herself he left quickly down the latter. Asi gritted her teeth and quickly tightened the sword and pistol around her waist. She adjusted her hat before hopping down to the ground level. Looking in the stalls she quickly spotted what she wanted. Moving to back door of the stable she quickly got a bucket of water and filled it with the cold water that had been deposited that morning. Filling a bucket she moved back to the stall she had seen the sleeping boy. Stepping in she slowly poured the cold water onto the boy until he jerked up cursing in the peasant slang that he had resently pick up.

"What the hell have I told you about speaking that way." Asi said throwing the bucket at the boy. The boy cursed and Asi kicked him "You better watch you language Indiana you know you were taught better then curse like a drunk begger." The boy winced as Asi kicked him again.

"Asi come on were in town at least let me talk like a local." Asi stared at the boy.

"I don't mind you doing when were surronded but its just me you and horses, Wheres the captain." Asi said changing her mood instantly. Indiana shrugged.

"How in bloody hell should I know?" He said getting a swift kick in his side as a reply. Then Asi turned and quickly began to walk away. "Asi where are you going?" Indiana asked begining to stand. Asi stared at her brother.

"You used to be so quiet." Asi said remebering something from the past. She turned swiftly and walked out of the barn. "I'm going to go sing for a bit." Asi said. Indiana smiled as he thought of his twin's he grabbed his things and headed for the taverns looking in each door way for a member of the ship.