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Chapter 5

Asi stared off the ship as she slowly made her way tapping with a stick her way to the side of the boat. She stared at the well kept docks of Slave isle, her eyes slightly narrowing at the sight of leather colars around individual's necks as they were being lead down the street by chains. Being treated no better than a lowly dog. A hand rested on Asi's sholder, and Asi stared foreward not even bothering to ask who it was.

"Will let you off ere, I'm sorry we couldn't do more to elp, but it'll be suicidal." Asi nodded, at the captain's words.

"I know, thank you for bringing me this far." Asi said softly, looking down at her hands. Her skin was tan, and her hair more bleached than usual, from her constant sitting in the sun to think. Her hair was pulled back into its usual ponytail, loosely so most of the strands just hung out blowing in the ocean's breeze. Asi tightened her grip on the stick before slowly moving away from the ship's side toward the bridge that lead off. Her steps were slow making sure that what she was doing was right before she slowly began her way off the ship, a bag slung onto her back.

Juliet stared at her food as her uncle began to eat sloppily, while talking to Captian Grandfield in enthusiastic mannor. Juliet knew what he was trying to do, lower the price of the possibile slaves in the market, bargining so in one way or another he could make more money. Greedy Basturd. Juliet thought lifting her fork and pushing around her food on the plate. Juliet clenched her fork tighter in her hand as she heard the eating of Horse to her left and Daniel to her right. She dispised those two almost as much as she hated Captian Grandfield himself. Juliet slowly lifted a piece of food to her mouth and began to chew it slowly all the while staring down at her plate

"So that new boy of yours he looks pretty bad even after Juliet went to see him, what happened to him? he come to you like that?" Juliet's uncle asked shoving a piece of meat into his mouth and chewing with his mouth open.

"Actually he didn't, he came in pretty good shape, but disobeyed some clearly known rules so he needed to be shown punishment." Juliet knew her Uncle nodded to this accepting any excuse that Captian Grandfield would give him, if only he'd gain a littlebit more favor of getting more money. Juliet could puke. The converstation changed disscussing bussiness again, how hard it was getting to find slaves, breed them, sell them. Urg, Juliet wanted to hit them they were so stupid so annoying so..

"Gabstin how much can i take you niece off your hands for?" Horse asked making Juliet stiffen at his words, almost dropping her fork.

"Well Horse that's quite problem for me if i sell her off, she's quite useful for me, it'll lose me quite a lot of bussiness, she has a sharp eye." Juliet's jaw clenched at her Uncle's words. How dare he even think about it.

"Oh come now i think i'd be able to meet your price." Horse said, Captian Grandfield laughed, and Juliet heard her uncle make his usual movements while considering an offer. Juliet dropped her fork not being able to contain herself any longer. Pushing her chair away from the table Juliet stood and pulled herself from the table walking from teh room, ignoring her uncle's crys to come back and finish dinner.

"I'm finished, I'm going for a walk." Juliet replied, annoyed to her Uncle's crys, moving quickly out of the house and out the door. Juliet could scream just how stupid and annoying could they be. Juliet found the need to have to talk to someone, anyone. Juliet's footsteps began to lead all around the docks of slave isle, as her anger about what had just happened began to calm down. Suddenly she felt a push into a ali-way from strong hands that came from a large predictibule salior. Juliet felt more hands grab her till she was to far enough in the ali to call for help, not that yelling would do any difference considering this way an island based on thieves, rapists and slave merchants. who would care about a girl? Juliet felt herself be slammed against the cold stone wall, wincing slightly as she felt pain shoot into her body. Juliet narrowed her eyes as she stared at the trio of large saliors that surronded her.

"Well look at this boys, looks like we have ourselves some fun right here." The salior that held Juliet against the wall said the other sailors laughed hitting each other in the arms like stupid apes communicating the only way they knew possibule, through violence. Juliet gritted her teeth, as she looked at the three men, they were all large, twice her size all of them, the one who spoke, almost three times her size. Juliet stared at them all, one by one, unintimidated by their size, who cared if they were bigger than her, wasn't the saying the straw that broke the camel's back? something small could deffinatly take down something bigger.

Juliet, slowly moved one of her hands behind her back, lifting up the back of her corset ever so slightly feeling a blade under her fingertips. Slowly ever so slowly Juliet began to pull the blade out from under her clothing as the three stupid Oafs were going on and on about what they might do to her. How distgusting. Feeling the blade being held firmly in her hand Juliet stared at the man. If they so muched as touched her theyd be dead. She didn't care about what might happen to her after this, she wans't going to let some no good.

Juliet's eyes widened as the man's hand began to grasp her brest,causing her to lose her train of thought. Reflectively Juliet's hand that held the blade swung out slashing the man deeply across his face. The man yelped in surprise and pain leaping back. Juliet watched him jump back satisfied. Pathatic pirate, you never leave you 'loot' with a wepon, always check them first.

Juliet's satisfation was cut short as a fist slammed hard into her stomach, making her dropp the blade, her knees barely holding her up from falling to the ground.

"Little Wench." The Salior said angrily, kicking the blade further away. Juliet watched it go, clenching her teeth. " Now i'll make you scream." The Salior hissed at Juliet the other two sailors snickering. A noise caused all the men to freeze in there stops, and make Juliet look up from staring at her knife that was far beyond her reach.

"It's a sad day when grown men pick there fights with a string bean little girl..." A voice said from the entrance of the alle. The person was a few inches taller than Juliet its hair tucked up in a bandana it wore, tightly agiant thier head makign it impossibule to tell their hair color. Juliet observed it to be a boy, one maybe a few years older than herself, never having facial hair.

"What's it to you, you little pitsqueak? Why don't you go look at something else to watch." The salior Juliet cut said angrily, clutching the bleeding cut with his hand clamped over it tightly.

"I don't think it's anything to me considering I can't see it." The boy said, tapping the stick he held softly in front of him as he walked forward eyes not even focusing on what's infront of him, instead looking above the it, staring at something that really didn't matter.

"Ahh so we have a blind begger trying to get some is that it?" The salior laughed, the other two joining in. The boy chuckled softly shaking his head.

"I don't think so."

"Then what is it little rodent, why are you interrupting our fun?" The boy laughed, moving closer towards the group.

"Sir I belive the deffination of fun, is for someone to be enjoying themsleves. I don't belive that young lady is enjoying herself." The boy said stopping a few feet away from the sailor.

"And how would you know that sir, since you claim to be blind." One of the stupid oafs holding Juliet asked. Juliet almost laughed, so there was knowledge in them.

"Call it a sixth sence sir, just the way I was born." The boy said with a smile. "Now i belive you should let her go and finish off the rest of your night in a nice tavern, I'll even pay for your drinks how does that sound?" The boy said pleasently. The salior scoffed.

"Hows this sound little rodent, you'll pay for the drinks, once we finish up our bussiness right here." Juliet's eyes narrowed, staring at the man's cut she had caused. The boy laughed at the man's words, looking up towards him.

"I don't belive you understand what i ment sir, you will let the girl go wither i have to make you and your friends, or you come peacefully with me, letting the girl go." The sailor's laughed at this and Juliet , shook her head, stupid boy, there was no way he could get her free, by offering them a free drink, or taking them by force. Juliet couldve laughed at this situation if she wasn't what was on the line. There was almost no way that little string bean boy could even consider taking on the three pirates, esspecially since he was blind.

The sailor laughed lunging at the boy, swinging one of his large fists at him. The boy's petite body ducked out of the way, the stick he held hitting into the sailor's legs knocking him off balance making the sailor fall towards him. The boy avoided this by falling to the ground and rolling to the side of where the sailor fell. Instantly the boy was back on his feet, his stick was held camly in his hands waiting for the other men to charge him. He didn't have to wait long the other men charging him seeing he was up. Juliet watched as the boy deflected the attacks knocking both men down and out cold, before moving slowly to the man with the scar Juliet had given him.

"Next time sir, please allow me to buy you a drink instead." the boy said softly. The Sailior nodded, beofre the boy hit him hard in the head, to cause him to slip into uncounsiousness. The boy shook his head more to himself than anything, begining to walk away from the scene before stopping again. He turned looking straight at Juliet, but at the same time not at Juliet. His dark eyes slightly glazed over showing some signs of blindness.

"I hope you haven't been harmed..and that you get on your way safely for the rest of the night." The boy's voice was sweet to hear, calm as if the entire insident hadn't happened.

"T-thank you." Juliet said quietly trying to get her barings straight.

"Not a problem." The boy turned again begining to make his way away from the scene, tapping his stick ever so slightly. Juliet grabbed her dagger she had lossed and quickly began her way after the boy as quielty as she could. Her feet barely touched the cobblestone path, that added to her soft sooled shoes created barely asound, which she made to fall into step with the boy's footsteps.

The boy didn't even notice, which didn't surprise her in the least. She could always follow someone without arousing their attention to the matter. The boy stopped by a Tavern, knocking on the door and talking with the woman who opened it. Juliet was surprised to see it a whore house. Did that boy really want that sort of reputation. Or maybe he just enjoyed being with whores. Juliet blushed at thoughts that rushed into her head thinking of what the boy may be intending to do.

The boy laughed at something the woman said. Juliet reconized her finally as Sophia. Her blond curly hair was pulled losely into a bun that wouldve made her look elegant had she been a lady. Her outfit added just made her look even more like a whore that Juliet knew she was. Juliet slipped the dagger back to its proper stop of under her corset, walking slowly to where the boy was speaking to Sophia.

Suddenly the boy withdrew a fiddle from his bag. It sleek smooth dark brown sides made Juliet gasp softly. Where did such a poor looking boy come across something so beautiful? Was he intending to sell it to Sophia?

Juliet's face grew red with anger as she began to walk a little faster toward them, She hit a rock,causing the boy's head to perk up and listen. Quickly she moved behind a barrel on the side of the road, barely 10 feet from where the boy and Sophia stood.

"Well? Aint you gonna play somethin for me? you said you would." Sophia's obnoxcious voice sounded. Juliet wouldve cringed at the sound, accept she was far to busy trying to make sure she hadn't been discovered.

A sound was heard then, something sweet with a depressing quality. It filled the street, causing drunks that stumbled around to stop and listen. the entire house Sophia stood half way in fell silent. The moans and groans that moved from the windows died in the peaceful type melody that the player created.

"There's a place I love where the people dance, their troubles all away, and the people there have not a care since the days are spent in play, Oh bring me home my mother dear on a Ship thats fast and true. And not a minute pass where my thoughts not dweal on that sweet sweet place, My home."

The quiet voice that carried sund from the boy flew through the wind too well from a simple boy that had saved Juliet only a few minutes ago. Juliet slowly peaked out from behind the barrel, taking in the sight of Sophia almost on the verge of tears from the boy's soft slightly depressing words. Suddenly the boy's playing sped up becoming more lighter, beckoning all to begin to dance and shout and enjoy themselves.

"There's a place I love where the people dance, their troubles all away, and the people there have not a care since the days are spent in play, Oh bring me home my mother dear on a Ship thats fast and true. And not a minute pass where my thoughts not dweal on that sweet sweet place, My home."

Juliet couldn't help herself from smiling at the boys music he made so freely. What kind of boy was this? He intreaged her so much, how could she see this all in this boy? How could the tune change so drastically from making one want to cry,to dance in joy?

"NOT a day goes by when my heart's not a leap with the wonders of home, casue the fountais there produse the cleanest air, that creates the winds that blows the troubles away. Oh bring me home my mother dear, on a Ship thats fast and true. And not a minute pass where regret dosnt fill my heart of my home sweet home."

Juliet watched, as the boys feet moved a little in their own little dance as Sophia tried her own dance.

"Here I go again singing one more time for a land I know is lost, How can i return to a place gone dead, in the land I've abandoned again. Oh bring me home again my mother dear, on a ship thats fast and true, And not a minute pass where I dare not think, of the land, my home sweet home."

Applause from behind the boy caused Juliet as well as the boy to stiffen. Juliet looked and too her extream distaste saw Captian Grandfield, as well as Horse and Daniel. Juliet watched from her hideout, staring at the reactions that the boy would give as well as why Grandfield enjoyed that song so much. It was beautiful yes, but couldn't have waited for the song to be over? It seemed that the captian purposely intruded on the song in order to annouce his arrival, to frighten the boy purhapse.

The boy smiled, lowering his fiddle as he turned to look at the direction of the Captian.

"I thank you for the applause sir but i don't belive i should have the credit of it."

"Now now boy, you've done an excitlent job. Why sell yourself short of the credit you deserve?" The Captian's voice praised. Making Juliet uneasy.

He never layered someones talents, praising them to let them feel better. Juliet had a sick feeling building in her stomach. What was he up to? Whos life did he plan on ruining now?

"Thank you sir, you have boosted my spirits higher then i've known." The young boy replied back begining to slip his fiddle back in his bag.

"You've changed boy since i've seen you last. Leaving you on the ship to all beat up and disfigured. Have you learned some magic now? healing yourself, becming this way to trick me and my boys eh?" The boy stopped at the words, a emotion crossing his face, one that Juliet had seen before.

What was it. The twisted emotions left before Juliet could figure it out, and before either the caption or his men could even see it.

The boy gave a confused look at the captian, tryign to figure out what the captian had ment by his words. "I belive you are mistakening me for someone else, my good sir. I have never seen you, or heard your voice, so in fact I do not know how we could have met before." The boy said in a cheerful slightly regretful voice.

The captian's lips turned into a sneer. "Oh? really boy? You brown headed liar. I otta slit your throut. Your more use to me dead then alive." The boy looked offended by the captian's words, searchign of an explination.

"Honestly sir, there is no need to be so rude to me, I am but a poor beggar trying to make a simple spot of change to allow me to enjoy a hot meal tonight."

Juliet looked at the boy, wondering what the captian was tlaking about it. Suddenly it all became clear, they boy's face looked almost exactly like that of the beaten slave on the captian's ship she had taken care of that very day. The skin was darker, which was understandabule since the slave she had taken care of was cut off from the sunlight entirely. The hair bleached, a different color brown entirely from the boy in the ship.

His face however was softer looking, smoother even, then the face she had fixed up from the bruising of te beating he recieved daily. Juliet could feel the auras of anger mixing in the air without a doupt going towards a fight that would errupt soon if it wasn't inturrupted. Juliet could even see Horse reaching for a whip located on hisback, looped through his belt. Daniel's hand was placed on his decritive sword, Who if Juliet only just met him would find him the most non-threatening idiotic person with the least amount of skills ever to be amounted. That was of course, before it got to his sword fighting.

His deadly technique few ever surrvied, especially when he used his left hand instead of his right. None. All died, or were hurt so bad they couldn't even lift a sword in the end.

"I belive now is the time for your lieing to come to an end boy.." The captian's voice said annoyence dripped from his words, hate even. Juliet felt a shiver move down her spine as she watched, safe from her hiding spot.

"I don't know what you are talking about sir..." The boy said his face confused as he stared at the Captian but at the same time his eyes were somewhere else, in thought even.

"Daniel..i belive this one can be yours since Horse had a go at the other one, stay wiht your right hand i think..." The captian's words made Juliet shiver.

Daniel's turn? Was he crazy? Insane? Didn't he know the amount of Damage...

Juliets eyes watches as Daniel pulled the sword from its sheath tied to his waist, His soft looking hands holding it with a gental type of grip. His long fingers wrapped around the hilt. His eyes changed from its carefree, stupid look it always had to a look of a killer about to play wiht its prey.

A shiver ran down her back. What was she to do.