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Chapter 1 Sweet Love in the Morn'

Sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this. I wasn't like this before. I always smiled and never backstabbed anyone. I never cursed continuously or ignore someone older than me. I always tried my best to always keep my attitude hidden deep within my mind where only the night can see.

There was much to know under my smile.

You might not believe me, but it was hard to always appear to be happy and carefree, to be depended on, to be liked by all, and to know what was right and what was wrong. But, over my seventh grade summer, something happened.

I walked gracefully down the empty hall, my Uggs tapping rhythmically onto the spotted tiles. It was still early and no one would be here, yet. It had only been the end of the first trimester yet already most of the school hated me. I didn't care, really. Inside, a small question always seemed to appear and mingle.

What was I doing?

Instantly that thought would rush away, and I would be filled with emptiness. Why was I doing this? My mind drew a blank and I shook it off.

Naturally, I'm a brunette, and darn proud of it, too. I have aquamarine eyes and creamy skin. I'm one of those people who burn more than they can tan. The old Katie Johnson would have not even worn a mini to school rather less own one, but I'm not that Katie anymore.

Screw the stupid sluts who wear too much revealing stuff.

I'm not a whore, but I'm pretty comfortable wearing a mini skirt and jeans. AND, I prefer to not show my crack or belly, I mean, ew. For those of you who think a mini skirt is slutty and deserves to be thrown down to the dark pits of hell, well, I got two things for you, buddy.

1.)Meet my finger.

2.)You frickin loser. Get a life. What else can you wear when it's 100 degrees outside?

2 1/2.) Oppsies. I think you just wasted your breath and sense, again. Thanks for taking up 5 seconds of my life, dipstick.

Anyway, down the hall, around the corner, was a couple that were making 'sweet love.' Haha, yeah, I know I'm mean, but I still had a sense of sarcasm.

So sue me.

Golly gee, what a great way to start a day. I smirked and headed straight for them. My mind mentally churned up all of the cruel remarks and words I could have thrown at them. They were up against a locker, the boy against the girl, feeling her up and down. The brunette in return laced her fingers through his black locks and down his neck, making his hair a mess. Talk about 'touchy' feelings.

Yeah, I'm sure they know about the school rules of no 'feeling expressed in any manner (ex: hugging, touching, etc.) I'm not kidding, they actually say that.



Someone call Dr. Phil, pronto.

I grabbed the guy's shoulder, breaking his from his lip lock. His hair was ruffled, and it took him a while to recall what happened. Ch, boys. The girl looked at me, and her eyes shined pure hatred. Yeahyeah, I'm so sorry for ruining your frickin make out session, you frickin whore. I looked at the guy, a face of false shock and anger on my face, and turned to face the girl.

"I can't frickin' believe you! Turning on my boyfriend like that!" I hissed at her and grabbed at the guys arm, holding it firmly as he tried to pull away.

"Yeah! Like, what the hell are you talking about?" she yelled back, her blue eyes glistening.

Hell yeah. She fell for it.

"Duh, you whore, he's mine, so throw that slutty butt of yours on someone else!"

"Hah! You wish! We've been going out for two weeks! My Jack would never betray me!" she glanced at Jack to confirm. He merely looked from her to me. I hid a smile.

"Two weeks?! Hah! What are you, in 6th grade? WE made it to all of the bases and back." I rolled my eyes.

"You won't get away with this, Johnson!"

She marched down the halls, her Bebe flip flops echoing behind her. I let out my suppressed laugh, and, before Jack could respond and threaten to murder me, I headed down the hall of which I came.

Mission accomplished. It's going to be a good day.

Alright, alright. It's not as long as I would have liked, but I had fun writing this. Good enough start for me! It took me a while to finally find a place to stick the main character's name into the first chapter. Haha. Oh, and if you don't know who Dr. Phil is..he's just a guy on tv, like Oprah, who tries to solve family matters. Did I mention it's a show on tv? :D Sorry, I'm not all that great or experience in doing sexual scenes if that's what you call them. I'll get the hang of it eventually…..

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