Chapter 2

Sarafina was on her way to her carriage when she heard a voice.

"Why did you save me?"

Sarafina turned around a stared into the face of the voice. It was the man from the square. Despite the blood on his body, he really was masculine and attractive. She studied his face and when she reached his eyes she looked away.

"None should be treated wrongly. I did it out of pity, nothing more." She made a move to walk away until his hand caught her arm.

"The guards listened to you. How is it that a woman like yourself can have so much influence?" He asked staring at her.

Sarafina's eyes widened with panic. She was afraid he would hurt her, his hand was strongly holding her arm. As she calmed herself down she answered, " My father is head of the royal guard. They know if I have a problem with something I could have them removed or ...worse."

The man quickly removed his hand, " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. I am very grateful for you kindness. I thought no one in the world would ever want to help me." He said as he looked away sadly.

"Why is that? Are you a criminal?" Sarafina asked skeptically.

"He shot his head back and glared at her. "I am no criminal. It's just because no one likes my father."

"Who is your father?"

"Duke Lance of Addora."

"The Duke of Addora?" Sarafina had heard of him. He was a petty man. He used and abused woman, not to mention he spent all of his fortune on parties. He was a rude man much less a proper Duke. He lost all of his fortune and is now a wasting old man. To think he had a son, but it wasn't surprising from all of his female courtiers .

"I never knew he had a son." She said.

"I am his only son, and his heir."

"His heir. Interesting. How did a guy like you wind up in the middle of the square shackled and beaten?

He smiled a wonderfully white smile. "Funny story. Well I was on my way to meet the family lawyer about some matters. I ran into a troublesome crowd who my father owed money. I refused to even speak to them. They decided to beat me up. Four on one just isn't fair odds. The guards came and asked why they were beating me. They lied and said I had stolen something of theirs. So the guards believed them and dragged me to the square, and thats where you found me."

"Why didn't you tell them the truth?" Sarafina questioned.

"I did, but it only made things worse for me. They obviously didn't want to believe the son of a decaying and rude Duke. This was their chance to take out some frustrations, or whatever hatred they had against my father." He stared off into the sky as he talked about his fading father. It seemed to sadden him.

"I am terribly sorry for your plight." Sarafina looked off into the sky as well, as if trying to see what he saw. "I'm sorry.." She said as she regained her focus. "I didn't catch your name."

He looked at her as if he didn't trust her. Then reluctantly he gave his name, "My name is Sir Raphael."