Sarafina rolled over in her bed. What in the world would posses her parents to act in such a way that they did this evening. Raphael didn't steal anything, she could tell deep inside her heart, but that wasn't what would make her father angry. She wondered...

It was dark, but her father was still sitting downstairs in his chair in front of the fireplace smoking his pipe. He knew that Sarafina was creeping down the stairs. "Couldn't sleep could you? Curiosity got the best of you."

"I only want to know what it is that Raphael has done that is so controversial."

"If you really must know, than I shall tell you. Have a seat."

Sarafina sat down in the chair across from him in front of the fireplace.

"A few days ago a cart carrying some very valuable merchandise, namely gold statues, was robbed from. Everyone seems to think it was Raphael and his father's doing."

"Raphael would never father, I swear it." Sarafina stated in an outrage.

"You know so little of him Sarafina, he is not who you think he is. He is the Duke's son, and if I am right the apple does not fall far from the tree." He said as he puffed his pipe.

"Father, I truly believe that it was not his fault entirely. He is different, he is not what people think he is..."

"Go to bed my daughter, get some rest, and think nothing more of this matter, it does not concern you. As for Raphael, be careful. He may seem different to you, but he is still a suspect to me." Her father said in a harsh tone.

Sarafina could not argue, the conversation was over, and she would push the matter no further.