Once, the blissful moonlight touched my eyes

Arose the quelled beauty of my mind

A touch of life began to tingle

The hunger long gone reemerged

The darkness shun from me

The deepened remnants of melancholy closed

It was a sight that burned my soul

For I return to what I've torn to stone

Yes, I will be here for you

But the regret shall birth my sorrows

I have lost, memories gone forever

Only your smile remains with me

Yet desperately I cling to the abyss

No promises, a surety of its destruction

None for what I fight for

Simply the mocking rejection awaits me

I hide my truth from you

I distrust the words that depraves my ears

But my open sadness betrays me

A struggle I can never appease

I will be here for you, for I love you still

But my chance has vanished, I have lost my will