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Pilot's Bunker

By Emily Johnson

Chapter One:


"Alex, would you get up!"

I heard a call from the door in front of me. It was a big night last night, with nowhere near enough sleep.

"I'm hungry, will you grab me something?" I asked Jacob on his way out.

"Christ Alex, you may be smart but you can't do anything for yourself, can you? Get something from the mess hall if you're hungry," Jacob stood at the door with disapproving eyes. "I'm going to be late for flight training! You're acting like such a woman, Alex!" With that, Jacob left with the automatic metal doors closing behind him.

"I am a woman, dumb arse." I muttered to myself.

I got up out of my bunk and walked towards my computer, checking out my timetable for today. I've got classes in 2 hours and a killer headache. Hey, I've pulled off being sober during training before, it can't be too hard this time.

I picked up my old damaged Bluetooth wireless headset and put on some heavy metal, hoping it would keep me awake as I tried not to jam my fingers into the bathroom door. I showered with my eyes closed falling back into the land of nod every second. I managed to clean myself rather efficiently considering I wasn't very awake.

One hour to kill 'til training. I've got two options. I could stay here, which would cause me to fall asleep at my computer desk and have an unbelievably sore back. Then there's option two, which would to be go to the mess hall, consume something for some energy and meet up with other the other students. At least that's what the instructors called us. We weren't really students. We'd been to flight school, we were fully fledged pilots; though it seemed because we'd never flown a 'RAGE' before, we weren't worthy of the title.

I walked out of the room and the doors closed behind me. I looked into the corridor and took a left dragging a nice clean scent behind me. The walls were a light grey colour, as was my uniform. I felt like a drone walking past the other pilots, doing the exact same thing as they were.

I trudged into the mess hall looking well, considering the night before. No one would've guessed what I'd been up to. I quickly paid for the fruit I'd picked up and walked over to the usual table.

"Linux!" They all called out. My call sign, it was nice to hear it again. It was a real feeling of belonging within the rest of the pilots. The one thing that tore us apart from each other was our call sign.

I sat down next to Terry, call sign of 'Hawk'. A tall, lanky man with an abundance of black 'I see dumb people' t-shirts. I secretly wanted one, but it was his trade mark and therefore I was unauthorized to touch.

In front of me was Frazier, or as we called him; 'Ghost'. Ghost was well built, but counting away his last brain cells. Don't get me wrong here, he has plenty to offer. Though hopefully, his next girlfriend won't mind having a brain-dead pilot. Sure he can fly a jet but he doesn't seem to be good for much else.

Then next to Ghost was Pink, or Ruby as her real name. There's not really much to say about her. She was a perfectly capable pilot, and was roommates with Hawk. A few weeks ago she declared she was a homosexual. None of us really believe her, though she never really comments on the amount of attractive Lt's there are.

"So do you know where Crow is?" Hawk asked. "I thought he was going to meet us here this morning."

"Oh he's got training early on Wednesdays," I replied. "He woke me up this morning with an attitude. I've a feeling he was slightly irritated by last nights bash."

"Did you apologize for us?!" Pink interrupted.

"Um, well… What would be your definition of an apology?" Nervously I tried to explain this morning's debacle. "I kind of… told him to get me something to eat." Hey I needed to eat, right?

"You did what?" This reply was from Ghost. "Thanks a lot, Linux. You've really screwed us over this time."

"Don't worry about it. He won't mind, and if he does; I'll smack him in the teeth."