Chapter Two:


The group split for training. Hawk and I separated from Pink and Ghost and continued down the corridors towards the weights room.

As we walked it felt like it was taking an eternity. Hawk and I really didn't get along as well as we did with the others.

"Look, I'm sorry about snapping at Crow but I'm sure he'll understand." I tried to break the silence.

"I'm sure he'll take a sorry from you," Hawk was starting to get persuasive. "But for the rest of us I don't think a sweet little kiss on the cheek will do."

"Excuse me?" I stopped dead in my tracks, even though the weights room was a mere four meters from where I was standing.

"Oh please, isn't it obvious?" I gave a nervous smile. "You two want each other, isn't that right?" I stood in disbelief. How dare he accuse me of wanting Crow!

Hawk walked into the weights room leaving me behind. I stood in the corridor slightly upset. Was it that obvious? I thought to myself. It must've been because we shared a room. I would've thought Pink and Hawk were an item if it wasn't for Pink's alleged homosexuality.

I sat on the cold floor with my back against the grey wall. Hawk's such a bastard, I thought. So I'm not allowed to have feelings, is that it? Or is it that he's jealous? A lot of the male pilots envied Crow for his good looks and unbearable charm. So I wouldn't have been surprised.

I sat head in hands, with my knees up against my face. Just as I was about to start feeling sorry for myself, I heard footsteps walking towards my temporary refuge area. I looked up and saw none other than Jacob the Crow.

"Feel like going for a walk?" Jacob looked down on me.

"Okay." I stood up, a little embarrassed for acting so childish.

Crow and I walked down the corridor and took a left towards our room.

"Don't feel like hanging out with the rest of the guys today?" Crow asked.

"I'll tell you about it when we get back." I replied, sulkily.

"I'm sure you will." Crow gave a sly, desirable smile.

Reaching our room I walked through the door, shortly followed by Crow. As soon as it closed behind us he took hold of my shoulder, gently pushing me against the wall.

Squirming downwards out of his grip he held me tight. I stopped and look at him, that sly smile plastered across his face. I had to fall for the annoying one, didn't I?

"Jacob," I said firmly as his hands slid from my shoulders to explore my body. My hands followed suit. Damn it, my own body doesn't even listen to me.

"You know you want me," He mumbled as he kissed me.

"Doesn't everybody," I replied somewhat sulkily.