Walking down in my half torn shirt
my cheap, cheap money bag
and half price skirt
…with a tag.

A penny lay asleep
All lonely in a heap
I came to pick it up when…

Lonely on the streets
With no husband at my feet
I feel lonely.

Having noodle and meat
As the only thing to eat
I feel hungry.

When once my tears has gone and left me
I find this lace with gold and luxury
I wish that was me in that Honda SUV
But I open my sleepy eyes and find…

Happiness just all around me
Forgetting that I'm here
They were gone without me
Even with a tear…I feel lonely

Ketchup in my pocket
And cabbage used as a locket
I feel empty
Without a picture locked within

The parent I use to have,
Didn't care to love me, then.
He ran way from us.

Now, alone, I have no one to trust
A car flies by
With its tinted windows in the sky.
I see a face no lighter than mine
With a nice black suit and a manly muscle behind…

He was the key to my treasure
That opens my heart in pleasure
I find his money in his hand.

I take it with my palms just sweating
He hitches me a ride on his car
While the sun is down and setting
I'm having the life of mind so far…

Me and my SUV car…