The new generation realms

People are always saying

That you can be whatever it is that you want to be.

Which that sounds like a great plan to me,

Whether things worked out or not.

You can choose who or whatever you want to be.

You can choose a job, a life, a partner, or any realm that you wish to live in.

The old realms contained fire, water, earth, and wind.

You can chose the realm that you really like,

If you wanna make a new realm,

Then go right ahead, because no one is stopping you.

The new generation realms

No knows what lays ahead in them,

Because no one has ever seen them.

They could contain anything that one's heart truly desires,

Or they even could contain things that people just can't get rid of at all.

They can contain half of the old and half of the new,

But how will we know if no one has seen them before.

The new generation realms

They're everywhere inside or outside of us,

They even could be outside of our very own galaxies.