"Nick! Nick!" My best freind, Ricky, yelled after me, as I jogged along Miami beach.

"Yeah," I said when he finally caught up.

"So this is what you do every morning?"

"That's not why your here," I told him, getting frustrated. The reason I hadn't told anyone where I was every morning or what I was doing was because I hated interruptions. Unfortunatly, Ricky found me and just as I thought he would, he grabbed my arm and turned me aroud forcing me to stop.

"I got us two tickets to go to L.A."

"That's awesome! When do we leave?" Going to L.A. is something I had always wanted to do. It was like my dream.

"Tomorrow night," he answered smiling.

"That's great man. Let's start packing," I said starting to turn around, but Ricky grabbed my arm.

"There's more," he started, "Our hotel is only a block away from my cousin's night club."

"Great. What time do we leave?"

"Well the plane leaves at 1:23 p.m. but we have to be there like two hours in advance. The flight should take about 5 hours, so we'll have time to unpack and get settled before going to the club."

"Sounds good. How long are we gonna be there for?"

"Are you done with your final?" He said as we started walking.

"Yeah. I finished them yesterday."

"Good 'cause it's an open ended ticket. Which means we'll probably be there for the summer."


"Well I, my friend, have to go pack my things, so I'll see you later, k?" He said before he held his hand out. We did our handshke and he left the way he came. I was really excited about our trip.

I kept running down the beach and when I was done with my usual rutine, I walked back to my apartment and started packing.

I grabbed a whoe bunch of my clothes, folded it neatly and placed it in my suitcase. When I was done I put the suitcase in my closet and found a box. I think I might have put it there when I moved in, because it was on the far right and it had dust all over it.

I picked it up and put it on the floor. Maybe I forgot to unpack it, or maybe I left it there to unpack it another day and then forgot about it.

I opened the box and saw two pom-poms at the top covering everything else up. Once I saw the red and white pom-poms, I remembered why the box was there. The pom-poms belonged to my high-school girlfriend, Britney. I took them out of the box and set them on the bed beside me.

When I looked back down at the box I saw a picture of her. She was at the beach with a short strapless light blue dress that matched her ice blue eyes. I remember everything about her. Her soft skin and sweet smile, her soft kiss and her wonderful touch.

I put the picture down and I found a CD. Mariah Carey always was her favorite singer. I kept searching and I found our prom picture. She was wearing a light green dress. I remember taking her to the hair dresser and talking to her while the hair dresser cut her hair up to her shoulders and dyed it brown with blonde highlights. God I loved her. That thought made my eyes water as I remembered why we broke-up.

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