A/n: Based on the best day I've ever had!(sarcasam)

Oh and this the first poem I've done on my own , with out the inforcement of Language Arts class.I ain't the poetic type.

#:: #IDIOT#:: #

I am such and idiot.

He had hit her.

She told me to stay out of her business.

But I shouldn't.

She told me it was nothing.

She wanted me to believe her.

But I couldn't.

I saw them together in the hall way.

I wanted to yell.

But I didn't.

It has happened again.

She doesn't want me to know.

But I do.

Today he has hit her.

She denies it.

But I can tell, it's true.

I'm not supposed to get involved.

But I do.

I push him forward.

He looks at me surprised.

"Who do you think you are?" I ask.

"What are you talking about?" he looks into my eyes.

"Don't lie to me!" I yell.

I'm about to lose my head.

But adults surround me.

"Come with us." They said.

Now I'm sitting in and old beaten up desk that is rusty.

I'm the one who had to pay the price, which is costly.

I'm the one who has to have my every move monitored.

And all I did was stand up for my friend from a boy who wants her.

So now as I stare at the wall I realize...

She probably isn't my friend any more.

He has taken her away.

I look down at the floor and now I recognize that...

I am such an idiot.

by:Cow 04/28/05

sorta explains for itself don't it?