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I grew up in a large family. There were seventeen of us. Yeah, you read right- seventeen

including my parents. That means that I had fifteen brothers and sisters. We had a big

house in Virginia not too far from Washington. Dad was a young lawyer at a very

successful firm and my rich grandparents had completely taken care of his college debt.

His pay was very good. Enough for a very comfortable life with no place to go but up.

Mom and dad always wanted a big family so they bought our big old house even before i

was born on May 10th. I was their baby for a whole two years in which they tried and to

have another but just couldn't. So they adopted Thoren Clyde known as Thor. He wrought

terror on my life. I was small and shy and, even though he was a year younger, he was

bigger and noisy. He wouldn't even play dolls or dress-up with me when i turned three and

started loving these things. He was good for nothing in my eyes. We spent most of our time

fighting over which Pooh movie to watch or which Power Ranger was the best (pink still

rules). When I turned four I always looked foreward to afternoon pre-kindergarten where

I could play without him. As we grew up and our family and Igrew closer

-having been together the longest and prett much stopped fighting... pretty much. He

always loved

cars and models. He was really great in school too an all A and B student. He always had

a girlfriend too though he never got as far as kissing one. He wouldn't have me say this but

girls made him a little nervous.

Xzer & Xzavier

Xzer James and Xzavier John were welcomed into our family when I was

5. Mom and dad had decided to try international adoption(they will never do that again)

and we wound up with our Austrailian twins.

They wanted three year old Xzer to play with Thoren but they couldn't split them up. Thus,

confusion entered my life. I started kindergarten and gained identical twin brothers that I

couldn't tell apart. And they talked funny they had that weird Austrailian accent that I finally

learned to understand. They were mirror twins so when I was eight or nine i realized this

and registered the fact that Xzer had a birth mark on the right side of his neck while

Xzavier had the same mark on the left. Somehow they managed to keep up both their

accent and Aussie pride over the years. When they were about nine they got into practical

jokes. Unfortunately this was not a passing phase. They both also got into extreme sports

at about age ten. Xzer loved art. He was a really good painter while Xzavier found he had

a little musical talent and took up piano lessons.

Zoe, Zilla, Zonya, Zane

With all the boys

getting along beautifully mom and dad decided that I needed girls to play with. So the quad

joined our family. Zoe Shane, Zilla Elizabeth, Zonya Anne, and Zane Michael. They were

three- three years younger than me and three years seems like a lot when you're in first

grade. Plus there was yet another boy. So I was not thrilled with their arrival. At least they

weren't identical. far from it. Zane and Zonya were blue eyed blondes while Zoe and Zilla

were green eyed red heads. They all had a temper on them...except for Zane who was just

a little weird. He was the youngest of the four by three hours and he had a very blonde

personality. He was very book smart and athletic but he couldn't seem to understand

cathchphrases of jokes and such. He wasn't all that bright. Zonya was our beauty Queen.

Nail polish, glitter, and make-up were her thing all her life. I can't remeber a time when her

favorite colour wasn't pink. She was very smart but her social life often interfered with her

acedemics. Then there was Zilla who's temper was kept in check through athletics. Rugby,

soccer, lacrosse, foosball, anything so long as she could yell, slam into things, or kick at

whatever was in her path. Her other hobby was forensic science. Anything to do with dead

stuff. She watched the tv shows, read the books, even researched it on the internet. Last

but not least of all there was Zoe. Zoe was on the Goth end of skater. She wasn't into

drugs or cults or anything and she loved bright colors too much to wear all black but she

was very...unique. She liked loud music, and Japanese manga (the kind of comic books

that you have to read backward and are so bothersome and confusing that it takes a very

patient person to just master reading them). She liked spy novels and often read Zilla's

forensics material. The only sport she ever really got into (besides skating) was soccer.

Ella, Eloise, & Emily

My parents were in love with love with multiple births (a quick way to

expand their family). Soon after the quads got settled they began seeking triplets. They

adopted Eloise Delia, Ella Corissa, & Emily Mae before they even born. Unfortunately

they were born identical. At this time I was wrapping up the first grade, the quads were

turning three and confusion was abundant. I thought that mom and dad would slow down

after the Quadruplets but Ella, Eloise, and Emily were members of our family a year later.

They learned how to read at three, skipped 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades, and taught

themselves advanced algebra out of my math book in second grade. Their favorite word in

kindergarten was bioluminescence. They were prodigies in school and music lessons which

they took up in second grade. Xzer was trying tuba at the time and with Xzavier on piano,

Eloise on flute, Ella on french horn, and Emily on basoon we could have formed a family


Katie Claire

Much to our relief my parents waited a while before adopting our little mulatto

premie when I was ten. She was always quiet and very reserved, alwayslooking for

affection. She

proved to be a talented artist at a young age. I always felt she was shunned by many of her

adoptive sibilings. Not on purpose. Just because in a crowd of crazy noisy people one

small quiet person can get lost.

Nigel and Nevin

Four years later mom and dad decided to try again. They really wanted

another baby of their own. They loved all their adopted kids but there's just something nice

about having a few of your own mixed in. They decided to try artificially and mom ended

up pregnant...with twins. Nigel Paul and Nevin Jacob joined our family nine months later.

These boys were bundles of boundless energy. Always crazy. Wrestling, jumping, always

trying something new and usually dangerous.