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Cassie: The next week proceded pretty smoothly. But it was in this time that we realized that Kat was a little more trouble than we had originally hoped. She wound up with detention the first week of school. Detention was nothing new to our family. Most of us had been there at least once, in many cases more. But not even Zilla or the twins had been there the first week of school. They were sensible enough for that. But Kat was in again the next week and once again the week after.

Then there was the Thursday the second week in October when mom got a furious phone call from the principal who told her to come to the school immediately. We learned later that evening that Kat had gotten in a fight. The twins had been in fights before but they'd never broken anyone's arm. This is what Kat had done to the guy who had stole her lunch. Kat had immediately been expelled. Mom and dad were furious.

"I cannot believe that you would lose your temper like that over something so trivial." Dad told her softly during quiet time before bed. "No one in our family has ever done something like this"

"I'm sorry." she whispered, a tear creeping siliently down her cheek, "please, dad, don't hate me"

"Kat," dad said quietly, "I love you so much. I could never hate you. You're my daughter. Nothing you could do could ever make me love you any less. But you messed up and did the wrong thing. And-"

"The whole family's gonna pay for my stupidity"

"You won't get off easy. You're gonna be grounded for a long time and you'll have extra responsibilities around the house. You'll be doing internet classes.

"Cool." Kat said.

"But," dad continued, "You will not leave your lesson site"

"Can I listen to music"

"If it doesn't interfere with your work"


"After you finish your school work you'll help your mother around the house with cleaning, laundrey, dishes, etcetera. You'll finish you'll finish school early. After Cassie and Thoren get home you are free to do whatever after the first week in November. Until then there's no television, internet outside of school, x-box, or going anywhere"

"But what about the soccer games"

"Zilla can tell you the scores"

"But, dad-"

"Kat, you were expelled from school today. You're lucky that you're not grounded permanently." he stood and walked to the door. "I love you, Kat." he said.

The next morning Mom took the triplets to the othodontist to get some pre-braces stuff done. Everyone else pretty much went their own ways. Dad took Nigel and Nevin somewhere. Zilla, Zane, Xzer, and Xzavier were at the park playing soccer with a bunch of neighborhood teens. Zonya was at Carla's house, Katie Claire was with Celine, and Kat was in her room. So Zoe, Thor and I hung out in the kitchen, reading random magazines and newspapers from the last few days.

"Just to let ya'll know Lucian's coming over." Zoe said without looking up from her news paper, "And some lady named Louella Ettenberger died yesterday"

"Are you reading the obituaries?" Thoren asked, "Zoe, you're so morbid"

"It's interesting to see who died. Sometimes they have weird names"

"Jane's coming over too"

"You invited her over?" Zoe asked, looking up from her obituaries.

"Yes, just to hang out." he said, absently.

"Are you hoping that she'll give you a ride in her yellow Porsche?" Zoe asked innociently, returning to her paper.

"No," Thoren replied, "I'm hoping she'll let me drive it." he grinned. "She's just a friend. Like you and Lucian"

"Oooh." Zoe said, skeptically. The doorbell rang. Zoe jumped up. "I'll get it!" she shouted, sliding down the hall in her socks. To our surprise it wasn't either Lucian or Jane. It was Daniella.

"Cassie!" she shrieked. "How good to see you! Who is this?" she asked, looking at Thoren.

"My brother, Thor"

"Cassie, he is adorable." she said as if he weren't standing there in the doorway next to me.

"Thank you." I said, trying to smile. Zoe ducked behind Thoren before Daniella could say anything about her.

"Well, Cassie, my grandpa is sending me to Japan over Christmas and I don't want to go alone so I got him to let me bring a friend with me and I ws wondering of you'd come." She gave me a look of pleading desolation. I was so surprised. Japan! what a fascinating place to visit! And why had she asked me? Not someone else? I felt privelaged and excited. I stood stunned for several seconds.

"Daniella, I'd love to." I said. "I'd have to check the dates and make sure it's all right with my parents first though but"

"I probably won't be able to spend much time with you." she sulked, "Grandpapa wants me to meet the ambassador and other important people but maybe we could take a day and go shopping"

"That sounds like fun"

"And of course we'll go to a Kabuki. And we'll have to-"

"Daniella," I said.


"would you like to come inside?" I asked. We had been standing on the doorstep throughout the entire conversation. She squealed in delight and followed me into the kitchen. Thoren stood in the corner, drinking a glass of milk.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked him.

"Uhh...not officially." he said.

"I-" Daniella began but was interupted by the doorbell. I went to answer it. Lucian smiled uneasily at me.

"I think she's downstairs, Luca." i told him. " She got another Lord of the Rings game for the box yesterday.

"Thank you, Cassie." He said, hurrying down the stairs to the family room.

"Why is he here?" Daniella asked

"He's my sister's friend.

"Is your sister a freak like him"

"Not really"


"Zoe's different but I wouldn't say she's a freak." The doorbell rang. The story of my life. Thoren brought Jane into the kitchen. She was tall and very thin with grey eyes, blonde curls, and a sprinkling of freckles accross her pleasant face. Thoren introduced us.

"It's so nice to meet you!" she said, smiling broadly and shaking my hand.

"The pleasure's all mine" I replied, "Thoren has said so much about you...and your car"

Jane laughed, "Calypso was a gift from my uncle. He's the founder of a very large corperation. We've always been very close"

"Calypso? Is that what you named your car?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yes, I love mythology"

"So does Thor. It seems that you two share a couple of common bonds"

"Do we have any ice cream, Cass?" Thor asked, staring into the depths of the freezer.

"No," I replied, "we should go get some. Daniella, do you want to come." I asked.

"I'd love to!" she replied.

"I'll get Zoe and Lucian. We'll take my car." I said at Thor who looked disappointed. I tried to act like I was just being nice but really I wanted Thoren to see beyond Calypso to Jane. The Jane without the cool car. As for Daniella...I was just trying to be nice.

The six of us crowded into my little Lincoln. Daniella in the front with me and everyone else in the back. Thoren did not seem thrilled with the arrangement. I suspected that he was just upset about not taking the Porsche. He would thank me was as nice as they come. She was friendly, outgoing, and kind, but Thor only saw her for her car. She gave me directions to "Ed's" the coolest little ice cream place with a '50's theme. We all sat in a back booth and talked loudly for over an hour. It was a grand time.

"You know, cassie I never thought I'd ever say this but I love your little sister!" Daniella said to me later. "She's so funny and pretty. Do you think she'd let me give her a make over"

"No, Zoe's pretty grounded in her ways"

"She's so little. How old is she"

"She turned fifteen in July"

"Fifteen! Wow! She looks older than that but she's so little"

"Don't talk about her size around her. She's pretty sensitive"


"Cassie," Jane said, coming into the kitchen, "I'm going now. Thank you so much. I'll see you at school"

"Bye, Jane." I shouted after her.

"Oh my gosh, Cassie, I had better go too. I'll see you tomorrow. Ok? Ok. bye-bye!" Daniella turned and ran out the door after JAne. I smiled at the silience.

"Where've you been?" Kat asked, wandering into the kitchen.

"Out to ice cream." I replied, feeling a little guilty about forgetting Kat,

"Sounds like fun." she relplied, sliding off the chair and walking dejectedly downstairs to watch Zoe, Lucian, and Thor play the x-box. I started to follow but only made it halfway down before what sounded like a herd of elephants crashed through the front door. It wasn't elephants but it was about a dozen sweaty, smelly soccer players. Zxer was in the lead, mopping his sweaty face with his t-shirt. Xzavier followed, his shirt tied around his head. Then Raj and another guy, Zilla, Zane and several others"

"Gosh." I sighed.

"We'll, be gone soon, Cassie, we're playing again after lunch." Zane said, filling a pot with water and setting eight boxes of macarioni and cheese on the counter.

"Hot dogs?" Xzer asked.

"I'm a vegetarian." One of the girls said.

"You can pick them out." Xzer said, shrugging and dropping the hot dogs in the water.

"Do you know what those things are?" the girls asked. Xzavier snatched up the package.

"Beef, turkey, water,salt-" he began.


"Hey, it tastes good"

"That's disgusting"

"Willa, if it tastes good- eat it." Xzavier said, popping a large piece of frozen hot dog into his mouth. Willa squealed.

"Xzer!" I shouted, hitting him in the head with the newspaper- annoyed that he was picking on the poor girl.


"Don't make a mess." I said.

"Aye, Cassie, no worries." Xzavier grinned. I turned wearily and walked upstairs to read.

I returned to the kitchen when I saw the soccer players leave throught my window. The mess in the kitchen was not as bad as I'd expected. All the dishes were piled in the sink and there was a piece of hotdog stuck on the ceiling. I cleaned it up and wondered about how it got there.

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