Watashitachi No Ai

-Another quiet day

Another sun rises

Another moon sets

Another tear falls

-We've been through this before

The pain

The Joy


-It's raining again

Thunder and lightning flood the skies

And there you are again

Searching for me in the vast forest

-A shadow comes near you

You see it and think it an illusion

How wrong you are

Your mind is fogged

-For your foolish behavior,

I shall have what I want

Do what I want

Can you stop me?

-As lightning streaks the skies again

I extract my own flash of silver

Do you notice it?

Will you in time?

-I hear your silent scream

The silent sound of metal leaving your skin

Your life dripping

From the very wound I've created

-You stumble

You fall to the floor

The pain is unbearable, isn't it

Will you be able to let go of the past now?

-'Does it hurt now?' I ask

You don't speak an answer

Your cries and screams is all the answer I need

I laugh into the darkness of night

-As I kneel beside you,

The sweet aroma of life fills my senses

Everything around me becomes clearer

How I live this moment

-You reach out for me

And I foolishly go to you

You whisper into my ear

I smile at your question: Why?

-Typical question

Complex answer

I look into your eyes

You're so beautiful

-As you cry

One tear is crimson

The other crystalline

Why haven't I noticed it before?

-I lean into you

I capture your lips in mine

Despite your life leaving you

Your lips are warm, soft

-This isn't an exchange of passion

It's for hope, fear, understanding

The pain, the betrayal

Unanswered questions

-Our love isn't typical,

Nor is it understandable

It's on borderline of something else

It's confusing as hell

-Once your arms cling to me

I bring you into an embrace

You kiss back

You still have strength, amusing

-Yes, the most meaningful

And yet meaningless kiss

In this life time of mine

I warned you though, yet you accepted

-Your breathing quickens

Ah, yes, you are dying

How silly of me to forget

I pull away from your kiss

-I look at you

You're smiling

Saying you won't forget

You start to cry

-I tell you, you are foolish

You continue to smile

And speak those 3 words

'Watashi wa wasurunai'

-You become limp in my arms

One last chaste kiss

Your eyes flutter closed

Locking the light away forever

-You whisper my name

Something inside me breaks

It shatters inside me

There is pain

-I never said I was invincible

I know that I'm not

But never had I thought

You'd break through so easily

-I have tears of my own now

Why? I simply do not know

You did it to me

That much I know is true

-I feel electricity shoot up my back

It hurts now

Worse than what the others did

I reach for the source: found

-In your cold hands

Is a graceful blade

My blood has stained it

Yet the rain is washing it away

-I look to you

You are still smiling

Not yet dead, as you speak

'Gomen nasai'

-I take the blade and stab it through your heart

Why in the hell are you so different from them?

Yet so much the same

Why do I let you torture me so?

-What makes you so special?

Makes me want to hate and love you

Make you cry, smile

Give you everything that you need, want and more?

-There, you are dead now

You're not invincible either

But you thought that you were

Haa, yet again you amuse me

-I stand up

With as much will as I can muster

And I walk, and walk

Until I can no more

-It's a beautiful sakura tree

Even in this weather, it's fully bloomed

No petals have left its branch yet

It seems to be untouched

-As I walk towards it

The rain, thunder and lightning cease to exist

I laid you down with me and kissed the top of your head

Under the sunny sky as I speak my last words:

-'Never will I forget how much pain, anger, hurt confusion you fed to me

Nor the forgiveness, hate and laughs we shared

I hold you now, you belong to no one else

My proof to myself that I can love, hate and hurt one thing

-And they still love me

The most confusing emotion in the world'

I smile as I hear your laugh in the distance


Written: 31. January.2005

A/N:I really do hate the way that this poem format is set up x.x