By: Hitori-Hoshi

-As I moan out your name

You bite my warm flesh

I know you are enjoying yourself

You just wish not to voice you pleasure

-We are different

Yet the same

However this situation that we are now in

Only I am the one to blame

-We were being tied down

To one another's emotions

After a while, neither felt

There was only want

-Hot, slicked flesh against one another

Limbs and breath become one

As you reach out to grab me

I see the brilliance of stars

-In the past we agreed

This would only be temporary

We'd only use each other

For what we want

-What if I want to go back on my word?

What if I only wanted to belong to you?

It's not the same as it is with others

You make me feel when I don't want to

-Penetrate me

Leave me bleeding

Begging for more

You defy me

-Leave me broken

Come back to fix me again

This game we play never cease

Fuck me, the way you don't do with my emotions

Written: .2005

A/N: Heyo there peoples. ::wave:: What can I say? I'm listening to a few songs from 'Meteora' and I keep thinking about two of the characters that I have for an upcoming story. (a lot of those will be popping up soon.) and some other things. Not really all that fond on putting my poetry on here b/c I don't want people stealing my crappy piece of literature. :lmao:: Whoever does, just tell me why you did? It's not all that great…

Anywhoo, the title is Latin for 'agreement'.