A fresh new start

Life's new meaning

No more fear

The end of the beginning

A raven fluttered out of nowhere, and landed on a branch of a withered tree. It froze, listening for any hostile sound, and its head was turned at an angle so both of its ice-blue eyes were clearly visible. Silhouetted against the full moon, it was a beautiful yet somewhat eerie sight. But with another flutter of jet-black wings, it was gone…

She walked up the front steps and took off her sunglasses, looking up at the large black letters above the oak double doors.

Avalon Senior High.

What a coincidence. In fact, that was exactly why she picked this school, out of the long list. The name brought back memories… but she shook her head slightly, as if shaking them all away. "So this is my new school," she mused, and took a deep breath, stepping from the bright sunlight to the relative dimness of the hallway.

Distracted by her heels clicking on the smooth, polished floor, students turned to look her way, one by one. She felt her first tinge of fear, caught herself and continued walking. Her footsteps were slow but confident, though nerves were eating away at her insides. She forced herself to look composed, calm, elegant- like she used to look before-before it - effortlessly… "You'd think that after all these years, I'd have gotten used to it," she thought. The hallway never seemed longer.

Outside, it started to rain.