He won the election.

He is our selection,

But so many now hate

The man we did designate

To lead our country.

Don't you agree?

Why? I don't understand

Why so many hate this man.

The guns are firing at me.

The bombs are blowing up around me.

I'm the one in this foreign country.

Don't you agree?

Sure he can't always talk right,

But I'm still willing to fight.

Sure he doesn't have the highest IQ,

But neither do many of you,

And you think you could run this country.

Don't you agree?

He isn't the best speaker,

And some doubt him as a leader.

Some say the war is all his fault.

He's not the one I'm trying to exalt,

But just one man doesn't run this country.

Don't you agree?

I'll fight here in thie foreign place

Then return home to my military base.

I'll still be willing to come back

Because our country is under attack.

Nothing's worth more than my country.

Don't you agree?

I just wanted to say,

That though things may be in disarray,

See this term throught to the end.

I know we can't all comprehend

How this man is good for our country

But we don't all have to agree.