I am unable to add a second review in answer to some of these reviews, so here is a little extra chapter I like to call Explanation. I thought maybe everyone would catch on to the full meaning of this poem, but obviously not. I am new to fiction press's format, so there really are stanzas. You just can't see them, but I will go stanza by stanza.

Stanza 1: This stanza simply states that our president is hated by many. That's all.

Stanza 2: (Reminder: this is said from a soldiers point of view) The soldier is saying he doesn't understand how people can be so hateful when he is the one who is actually around all the hatred and war.

Stanza 3: This stanza states some of the President's shortcomings, but also says that no one is perfect.

Stanza 4: This stanza is about the soldier's dedication to his country.

Stanza 5: And this is the important stanza for some of you. Pay attention. All he is saying is that things definitely aren't great, but the President is only in office for four years so wait and eventually it will be over. The final line is for you to figure out.

Please take the time to read and figure out the poem before you even begin to attack its meaning. Finally, for the person who attacked me personally: you have my full permission to attack every word of my poem. Call it the worst peice of literature you have ever read; I will deal with it. I will not let you sit there and attack me as a person as you have likely done others. My poetry is here for you to read and criticize the poem, not the personal views held within it. You have the right to have your own view and express it, but that most certaintly does not mean you have the right to call others views wrong.