She had no memory of her previous life. All she had left were questions. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why was she here? The answers to these questions she couldn't find. She had searched for seven years after the accident. The accident. The word still sent shivers down her spine whenever she thought of that dark, fateful night. She had woke up in a field with a splitting headache and no memory of her life before. She didn't know how she had gotten there or what happened. She didn't know her name, age, or family. She was all alone in life.

Since she didn't know what happened to her seven years ago, she just called that night the accident. For the last seven years she had been living in the fields, stealing crops, and keeping out of sight from all civilization. There had only been once when she was spotted. It was just a couple of weeks after the accident. She had still been trusting and dumb then. She was stealing some corn when the farmer saw her. He had acted so kind to her, taking her to his house for food. He and his wife invited her to stay the night, she accepted. She had been lying awake silently, pretending to sleep, when she heard the couple start talking about her. They said something about calling the orphanage in the morning. That's when she realized that they weren't kind at all. All along they were planning on dumping her in some homeless shelter; they'd probably get money out of it too. After they went to bed she stole some food and ran away as far as she could get that night.

She never trusted anyone after that, and she trained herself to be quick and stealthy when stealing, so that nobody would ever see her again. It worked for seven years, until builders started paving over her home, the fields, and building another city where her precious fields used to be. Tomorrow, the last field would be paved over, and then she'd have nowhere to hide. People would see her again.

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