Chapter Eight

Milho was chattering excitedly when Wes drove the car into the driveway, "…The monkeys were so cute, swinging from tree to tree, and the otters were so playful. How do koalas sleep that long? Do they ever wake up?"

Milho would have continued talking if Wes hadn't started laughing suddenly. Milho became quiet.

"Why are you laughing?" She finally asked blankly.

"Your excitement…over…such a…normal place like…the zoo is…hilarious!" Wes replied between laughs.

Milho pouted, "But I've never been to the zoo before, at least not that I remember. So it's not a normal place for me!"

"I guess you're right," Wes chuckled, "but it's still funny!"


Later that night, Milho was still recalling the events at the zoo while Wes tucked her in. "…and when you went near the window and the gorilla started to attack it. That was so funny!"

"I didn't think it was funny at the time," Wes mumbled, remembering how he had backed away quickly.

"Well it was!" Milho stated, "Mr. Gorilla just wanted to be your friend!"

"If by friend you mean 'punching bag' then sure!" Wes grumbled sarcastically. Milho just laughed at that comment.

"Anyway, you need to get to sleep. You've had a long day," Wes commanded.

"'Kay! Night Wes!" Milho said lying down.

Wes paused in the doorway, looking at her innocent face, "…Goodnight Milho," he finally said, before turning off the light and closing the door behind him as he left the room.


No mice scurried for cover this time. They had become accustomed to the loud voices.

"Did you find her?"

"Yes, sir. The woman was at the address that the store so kindly provided."

"Good. Bring her in." A door was opened and the sounds of someone struggling, pants, and muffled shouts filled the air.

"Now Ms. Ruth, I'm going to remove this gag and you're going to be quiet, got it?" the demanding voice was deadly.

The sounds of rustling cloth could be heard and the panting suddenly grew louder. "Let me go! What did I do to you?!" the terrified voice gasped.

"I told you to remain silent, didn't I?" A clicking sound emanated throughout the building, "Now, I don't want to have to use this on you, but if you make another sound, I'm afraid I'll be forced to."

Silence filled the air, "Good," the man's satisfied voice finally said, "Now I'm going to ask you some questions. It will be in your best interest to answer these questions and not say anything else, got it?"

Once again, silence was his only answer, "Were you at Macy's a week ago?" the man broke the silence with his question.

"Y-yes," the timid female voice stuttered.

"Did you help a girl while you were there?"

"N-n- no," she replied.

"Don't lie to me!" the man roared as a slapping sound resonated throughout the building, "I know for a fact that you helped her! Tell me now or 'something' may happen to that pretty daughter of yours!"

"O-okay! Yes!" the woman gave in, "Just please don't hurt my daughter! She hasn't done anything!"

"Quit pleading and be quiet!" the man interrupted roughly, "What do you mean by 'yes'?"

"Yes, I helped her! She was just a confused girl who needed help!"

The man growled, "I didn't ask you why you helped her! Now what was her name and who was she with?"

Silence. "I told you, if you don't answer my question, either you or your daughter will get hurt!"

"Milho! Her name was Milho!" She answered frantically.

The man chuckled darkly, "Milho, huh? Interesting. Who was she with?"

"A guy named Wes. He had black hair and blue eyes," she replied fearfully.

"Good. Do you know anything else about them?"

"N-no. Please don't hurt them. They're nice people!" the woman begged.

The man didn't answer, "Take her away!"

The sounds of struggling could once again be heard and then the abandoned building became silent again.

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