A/N: Okay, I don't know if anyone's read my story or not (I certainly haven't gotten any reviews yet). Maybe people are shying away because this is sort of an adaptation of a fairy tale and not strictly science fiction. Anyway, here's the annex that I promised should anyone want to read it. I hope it explains some of the concepts that I was trying to convey. Tootles, Widow Shark

The story that I wrote is called "The Cinder Rebellion." It is an extremely loose adaptation of the Brothers Grimm's classic, "Cinderella." The concepts that I was attempting to portray were mainly about social control, preventing deviance, and social change. But there are also hints of exchange theory and gender ratio inequality. These concepts relate to sociology because they are all about people and how certain circumstances affect their lives.

The form of social control found within my story is The Program. The Program enforces laws regarding curfew and appearances. Its slogan is, "Be Yourself", but as my main character points out it should read, "Be your 'genetic' self." No one is permitted to dye their hair, get contacts, more than one pair of ear peircings, tattoos, or the like. Then there is the After Midnight Brigade or AMB for short; they are also called "Clockers" as a sort of pet name. Their job is to keep people off the streets after midnight, of course—it's a measure for preventing deviance which is the next topic.

The methods for preventing deviance in Fuchsia's world are much like those used in Japanese society. There are people paid to watch their blocks for suspicious behavior; this mimics the visibility rule. Also, everyone in this society must follow the appearance rules under The Program or face being punished. The only rule in Japanese society that is not reflected in Fuchsia's society is dependence.

Then there is the undying duty of an underground society known as the MICE (Missing In the Citizen's Economy). These are the rebels, liberals, or Villains. Their main goal is to get the United States (now the Revived States) back to the way it used to be—Free. They meet most (if not all) of the eight requirements for a social movement to begin and win. They have a shared grievance, they have hope, they have a network, and they have allies; just to name a few.

Next, there are hints of exchange theory—a.k.a. 'you scratch my back…' MICE's ally, Cyano Flores, makes a deal with an AMB secretary for information. The secretary gets the better deal by getting a promotion.

Last, but not least, my story hints at major gender inequalities; at least in the MICE where females outnumber males 10 to 1. Wherein, above ground society the gender difference is only 2 females to 1 male. This difference is semi-explained as war losses.

All of these elements come together to, hopefully, develop a semi-believable social science fiction story.

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