Posse Medley

Que sera, sera,

Whatever will be will be.

The future's not our to see,

Que sera, sera.

I wanna start a war overnight,

And backstab every day.

Oops, he did it again,

Was arrested once more,

Got shot to the floor,

Oh Gandhi, Gandhi

Let's talk about sex,
Let's talk about you and me

Let's talk about Freud theories.

I'm a slave in this world,

I'm freedom impaired.

Oh, give me the rights to free my soul,

I wanna get lost in the crowd control,

And run away.

I eat children,

Let them eat cake.

Sweet dreams are made of these,

Everything is history.

Travel the world and the seven seas,

Everybody's looking for something.

When I first saw the sky,

I already knew,

The crystal spheres,

Were nothing new,

Something I thought that I would never find,

Angels in the sky.