One day there was a girl bored with homework. She was sick and tired of stupid science homework dealing with ameba. One celled organisms couldn't intrest her less. As she took her severally damaged, covered in marker notebook and threw it against the wall, a random history paper fell out of her science notebook, which clearly wasn't just for science.

She went over to retrieve it, and on the paper was a printed picture of "The Desert Fox" himself. Erwin Rommel. "Strange. We're learning about Asians. Not Germans." The girl, Ann, shoved the picture somewhere in the raised pile, of which she referred to as her bed.

In the morning her mother woke her up with a cheerful greeting. "Why, good morning honey! Rise and shine! Today is a bright new day!" Her mother was a female Mr. Rodgers.

"Mmfsdesda," she managed to muffle before something cut her lip. She shot up with blood trickling down to her chin. Then she saw the edge of the Rommel paper.

"Stupid history teacher," she tiredly thought. She glared down at the smiling, chipper Rommel looking up at her with a melochony smiled plastered upon his face. With a complaint planned for her history teacher about getting the wrong paper taking up much of her brain capacity in the wee morning hours, Ann never noticed the broom laying across her floor and tripped, falling face first into her hardwood floor.

"Ow," she managed to say. After a failed attempt to stand her mother finally came in.

"Oh, Ann! What's the matter! Why are you dangling your ankle limply in the air?"

"...Er, because I tripped on this here random broom."

"Oh, okay honey! Stay home and rest. I'll take you to the doctors later today! Okay, darling?" Her mother had a similar smile to Rommel's.


Rommel, supposedly thought to be dead, had had himself frozen in Antarctica for a number of years, it was his double that had been killed. Now, after years of thawing in the pacific, he was now levitating high in the air, still in his Africa corps uniform with benoculars around his neck, while over looking the US in a hot air balloon he'd bought off Ebay once his almost thawed body landed in Canada. Suddenly, his help alert went off, seeing as it was a rescue hot air balloon.

"Oh no! A girl is in danger!" He put his hot air balloon on hyper speed and sped off towards her house.

As she lain in bed, listening to weird little kid shows, while drinking coffee, she suddenly saw a giant hot air balloon float around outside her window. "I think my mom spiked my coffee," she thought, but she looked again and saw Rommel smiling and waving at her with a candy bar in one hand. She nodded, sure of it. Her mother must've spiked her coffee.

Gingerly, she opened her window and yelled at Rommel. After all, she didn't want an imaginary dead man hovering around her house in an imaginary hot air balloon. "ROMMEL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? YOU'RE DEAD AND YOU'RE IN A HOT AIRBALLOON. THIS IS SO TRIPPY!"

"Come with me! We can fly away! Far away off into the sunset, and I can give you a tour of the Catskill mountains from my hot air rescue balloon! Please, come with me!"

"This is either A: A really messed up trippy beyond all belief dream, or B: I'm drugged up or C. I am losing my mind. Either way, riding around in a hot air balloon seemed more fun than sitting in bed watching lame little kid shows where grown men acted like they had the intelligence of four year olds," it made sense to her. Sort of.

"Alright, get your balloon over here!"

Rommel smiled cheerfully and pulled over the balloon to her window. Then they were off. Higher, and higher, and higher they went until they were in the clouds. Then a plane came buy and hit their balloon. They fell through the air and then Rommel grabbed hold of her arm.

"Oh, Ann!" His tears flowed from his eyes, but they rushed upwards giving his hair a rather 50's horror film look from it being pulled up with the wind and slicked with the tears.

"Oh Erwin!" They were both sobbing and making themselves look demented.

"I never got to tell you. In these past few minutes, I realized, YOU, ANN, ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!"

Ann looked at him sadly. "OH ERWIN! I LOVE YOU!"

Together they embraced, but sadly, Rommel hit the ground first. Resulting in death, while Ann miraculously was unharmed.

"Oh well, he was supposedly dead, anyway," she thought as she limped off with the limp from earlier that day to the local store to get some more coffee.

"That was pretty messed up good coffee...," thought Ann.