::This doesn't have a name as of yet, so Dark Tunnel is just a temporary name::

It's amazing how one word can change everything. Well, maybe not everything. More like the people involved and/or those who are somehow connected. Here I am, standing in the dark wondering how one word screwed up my life. Forever. I'm standing here, alone, yet I know that I am being watched, it's hard not to be around here. Walk out to the back, you're being watched, go to the toilet, you're being watched. No matter where you go here, in some way or another, your being watched. I know that no matter which way I look at it, it was my fault that I'm here…at least partially.

Again I worry, what will happen to this if I'm gone tomorrow? If it goes into the wrong hands many people will die, at least I wouldn't have to withstand their torture any longer. But that doesn't matter now. The past is behind the future ahead, yet I'm standing here, alone, being watched and writing this. Why? You may ask. Well let's put it this way, there is only one way to learn from the past, and that's to re-live all of it. No matter how…awful some parts are.

It's either now or never and with that in mind I'd like to formally introduce you to my book. My life. The truth as far as I know will be held in this book. Maybe I'll finish, maybe I'll end up dead like some of the others. Who knows what the future will hold? All I know is that I will write. Write until I am gone or I am finished. I don't know what I'll do when I'm finished. I guess I'll know when I get there.

This is just a Prologue because I want everybodys opinion on whether it's good, bad, what can be improved and whether I should continue onto Chapter 1…