Hapless Flight

I am falling down
Just like my dream
A long and hapless flight
The ground is coming
So is my doom

But somewhere after fear
I feel a thrill
In the middle of this plummet
I soar

The wind all around me
In my ears it whispers FF-all
And I shiver

There are clouds and mist
And they carefully caress as I pass
Now I see the outline of the ground
Should I care?
I just can't

It was night but the twilight
Flushes the sky
The air is so fresh and pure
And soon I will be dead for sure
In the distance the lights dot along the city
As if the sky has been reversed and the stars are below me
Am I falling up?
No, no I see the ground and perhaps the morning dew
Oh it is my old house there
I see I will be landing at home soon

I exhale my last exhale
Of dual connections
Impacted, by all of this
My spirit pulls free and hales up
Yes that was morning dew
The new smoke shadow of me
Rises and merges with the clouds
Well that is what the delicate human eye can see
For nature and I are one
She has adopted me in her I am complete

I fell into her arms
On my hapless flight she comforted me
Soothing motherly charms
So gladly I accept her now
No worries I am at peace
So when you fall remember me