Fake letters abound!

Quinn was real naughty. He decided to forge Ro's writing and pen to Lestat. Mailed in on Tuesday which should reach us soon. Would strengthen his resolve to go. The iron in the nail! Vampires are master mimics, not just voice but piracy of any kind.

We were thinking that if Bratp didn't want to correspond we would on his behalf. Louis was improving on signing like him, which still needed tweaking. Hmm.

Dearest Lestat,

I'm so sorry I haven't replied you. It was not intentional, glad that you are well. I'm keen to go, Quinn has told me so much about the fancy dress party/ I want to be reunited with you my soulmate! Rest assured the asking of the Dark Gift from you will be farthest from my mind. Shall be romantic, we'll be wearing masks. My workload has piled up that I haven't got time to enjoy myself.

This time my assistants have taken over. I think I'll be able to recognize you even with your mask on right?

Awaiting eagerly your reply! Rowan Mayfair

I made out an email when Lestat took the letter into his room.

Yo Q! sure she talks like that? The letter tone mushy.

He tapped out: don't worry, I've gone through her style. She was always penning poems and love stuff to Mike. Haha. It's the same, except I used my left hand which was hard.

Me: Louis getting cold feet. Wants to backout, but no! he can't. Coz Stat will only go if we go that's the deal.

Quinn: lol. What a deal u make. Poor Louis, he's afraid of crowds eh?

Me: ya. Do u know what Ro will wear? Haven't confirmed.

Q: blue dress, dunno what role she will be in. Stat?

He was going to be a rogue. Too lazy to think of any theme for it. A Free easy going party anyway. I looked forward to the foods and fun. Louis you'll be fine. We take care of each other.

Sigh. Thank you. He's taken in by the letter. Good job!

Now our plan. Will Stat write back too?

Louis said- hopefully, my signature cannot be Lestatdelioncourt. It's too flamboyant.

I laughed. Hey Quinn can u forge Stat's handwriting?

Pause. Then he added: my gosh, no. too unique.

Not a need to worry. Lestat completed a letter inside the mail, asking us to send it first thing in the morning. Yes! So they were gonna meet each other, but Rowan did not know she had written a letter. And Stat was actually cheered up. He sang and danced more than usual.