Don't cry little girl

Hold it in

Be tough

Like I know you wish you could be

And I know you

But I've never seen you before

I know your every story

Bittersweet memory

I see you

Feeling like you're ignored

Because you are

No one believing

What's going on

Your best friend


Doesn't care

Spills your ever secret

Cause she doesn't have a

Regret in the world


Other friends

Slowly turning

With the world

As you try to remain

Stable, the only one

But in the process you

Get left behind

I want to reach out to you

And say

Don't worry


You're not the only one

But I also know

You have to learn

To be a warrior

So hold strong

I know

That you want to cry

You want to

Spill it all


End it all

But be the strength

Everyone wishes they could be

Carry the weight of the world

Because I'll be there to help you

Even if you never know

I'm right beside you