I don't think

You could ever realize

How safe I feel

When you

Look into my eyes


When you laugh how

Much better it makes

Me feel anytime

I wish you would could know

Just how



You make me feel

And I would

Run away from

Anyone else who

Did what you do


I can't seem to keep

Myself away from you


Hardest part is not

Telling you

Everything I want to

For fear of losing you


Maybe you've got

Everyone on your side

But you're all that I've got left

To believe in


Be here by my side

Even when you can't be here

Why is it so hard to

Tell you any of this

When I could tell you anything else

That I thought I'd never speak a word of to anyone

Yet you

Leave me speechless

As you leave

Running through my head are

Thoughts of you and

Only you and

I wish you would

Kiss me just once

That's all I'd

Ever need


Something to know that

You're feeling like I do

You're all I ever wanted

I wish I could be the same to you