Shattered Love:

While you lied,

my heart slowly died.

You were by my side,

as I silently cried.

But then you left,

now my whole world is a mess.

I call out your name while I sleep,

when I wake up and realize your not there,

I weep.

As the the shadows in my room creep,

my heart skips a beat.

I silently hope that its you,

but I know its only shapes cast by the moon.

I pray to God that he will keep my heart safe

till my next date,

but I know this can't be true,

because my heart belongs to you.

As I slowly drift back to sleep,

your face appears in my dream.

I wake suddenly with a scream.

As I opened my eyes,

I could feel my heart breaking.

I could hear my breath shaking.

I wish you would just go away,

and stop making me your prey.

I think the time has come for me to let go,

and forever stay away from your overpowering glow.