I just want some hope for tomorrow,
Like a traveler wants warmth to continue on.
Thank you for holding my hand,
In a time when I needed it.
I continue to pray Because you taught me how.
For once in my life,
The clouds are fading away,
Like the sun after a midsummer storm,
Now, I know how to be close,
To a God,
I didn't know before,
At least face to face,
Heart to heart.

You don't hide who you are,
Like others in your position do,
You life is an open book,
So I want to be more like you.
You constantly risk for the sake of others,
You give selflessness a new meaning,
Like Jesus gave his life for us,
You follow in his footsteps,
And give light to those in darkness,
Hope to those who are downtrodden,
And your love means so much to me,
Like a treasure deep within a ocean,
Because you believe in me.
You complete me.