The tip of a pencil

Is a powerful tool

It can free your mind

And create works of art.

The tip of a pencil

Can open your soul and

Share yourself with the world

Which can be a bit scary.

The tip of a pencil

Can get across your ideas

And creat anger in some

And new friends in others.

The tip of a pencil

Is this world's secret key

It can change the future

And change people forever.

The tip of a pencil

Wrote the Bible we read

Which a lot of us know

Is a life changing book.

The tip of a pencil

Is a small miracle

But God can make huge things

Out of his small creations.

So then next time you wonder,

"Am I worthy to Jesus?"

Remember that even

A small pencil tip

Is more worthy to God than you'd think.

by the way, I know that the Bible historically was probably not written in pencil, but they did use a writing utensil of some sort, be it a quail or a carving thing, so it's just the point!