Through the Eyes of a Stalker

I watched her shut her locker and look down at her feet. She had short black hair and it curved slightly around her face. I loved it. I slid out of the bathroom and followed a few steps behind her. She climbed onto bus 24 and so did I. I watched her sit down in the 7th seat on the right side. She was so quiet and innocent. Ha! I laughed in my head. It was amazing how quiet she was. She got good grades had a sexy smile. To bad I couldn't ask her out. There were 2 main reasons for that. One I was popular and my status would seriously suffer if I did and she was a total nerd and gothic. I wasn't single either. I had the most generous lover. HA! Sure! Generous my ass. I felt the bus screech to a stop and she stood up. I stayed put. I smiled to my self. I would get off at the next stop. I knew she was home alone until about 9 o'clock so I had time to get what I wanted and go home. She stepped off and I watched as one of her books slid to the ground. I wanted so bad to tell the bus to re-open the doors so I could pick it up. The bus lurched and started moving again. I rode for about 4 more mutes and then got off. I waved to the driver and watched it drive off and then turned around back the way it had come and ran.

I arrived to her tall 3 story home. I walked around to the back. She had a chain fence and so I climbed over it. I was over and it felt awesome. I was gonna get her and she was going to like it. I heard a sound behind me and I whirled around. There she was. She was standing in the back door and was looking at me with a confused face. "H-Hello? What are you doing here?" I flashed a smile and answered. "Oh. Hi! Your gate was open and I just thought I would drop by!" Her face twisted into one of those looks that said 'you're-a-liar-now-what-the-hell-do-you-want'. "My gate is never open." She raised an eyebrow. I just shrugged and took a step up to her. She took a step back. "Well aren't you going to invite me in?" I asked like I was hurt. "Why?" she asked. I again shrugged and walked in to the house. "Hey!" she yelped and followed me into the living room. "Where's your room?" I asked curiously trying to sound natural. She hesitated in answering me but finally said, "Right there" and pointed to a door that was up the stairs and down the hall but not far enough as to where you couldn't see it from where I was. I shrugged and advanced to the door. I could tell she thought I was leaving. Oh was she wrong. I walked to the door and clicked the lock. Her look changed and I knew she was getting freaked out. My smile was gone and I was on her like a fat cat on a mouse. She shrieked and tried to dodge me. HA! Like that would ever happen. My hand wrapped around her wrist and my grip was tight. "Please! What are you doing Leslie!?" She cried. I smirked and easily tossed her onto the leather couch. "Getting what I have wanted for as long as I can remember." I whispered into her hair. Her eyes were wide with fear. "You're sick!" she was crying now. I laughed. Was she really just figuring that out? She started to scream and I did the only thing I could do. I hit her. She was out. Surprisingly I could easily lift her. Me being a girl and all I thought it would be harder then that. Yes. I'm a girl. So what? Any way, I lifted her up and carried her up to her room.

When I reached the room I dropped her on her bed. Ha… Finally I get to have you. My mind was mentally cackling. I lowered myself onto her and kissed her lips. My nipples were hard. I needed her now. I lifted her shirt off and seen she had taken her bra off. There she was. Mine for the taking. That's exactly what I did. I took her. Then when I was almost of my point of climax she awoke. She seemed drowsy and I blew. I moaned and my eyes were bugged out. "Yes!" I screamed. While I was doing so she regained her memory and started to kick at me. Not expecting this I flew off of her. I was back up but she was racing down the stairs. I was right after her. Sadly for me though when I reached the bottom she was coming out of the kitchen with a knife. "Now now Maria. Do you really want to do anything with that?" Tears were streaming down her cheeks and I wanted to kiss them away. I pictured my self on top of her riding her again and my nipples grew hard again. She was just shaking her head and she closed her eyes. Mistake! I jumped on her and she fell to the ground. I was straddling her and she was screaming and trying to escape me. I wretched the knife from her and I put it close to her neck. "P-p-please… stop this." She was gasping for breathe. I laughed out loud this time. "Stop? Why the fuck would I do that!?" She jerked her wrist all the sudden and had the knife in her hands. Before I knew what was happening I felt the knife tear into my stomach. My eyes went wide. The pain seared through me. I screamed. "You bitch!" I felt the knife still in me and I fell off of her. She took this advantage and scrambled up. She was looking at her hands. I found this funny and yet again laughed. Blood was coming out of my mouth. I wretched the knife from my abdomen and lunged toward her. The knife cut through her like cake. Swiftly and evenly. Her eyes bulged and she started choking. The blade had slit her throat. Or more accurately I had. She fell and the blood was pouring from her. She stopped breathing. Then stopped moving. It hit me. I had killed my love. Grief spilled into my heart and instantly the tears came. Before I knew it I jammed the blade into my chest and twisted it. Then…. All was black.