Death Of Mirage 2000 Inc.

Part 2

(You should really read part 1 to understand part 2)

Chapter 1

"Yes, these deaths are a horrible tragedy. Will have more coverage tommorow morning." The TV was turned off by the chief of the police-detective force. All the police officers and detectives were at a meeting about the murdering that was done at Mirage 2000 Inc.

"I want more clues! Several people stated that they have seen a man dressed in black before running around Mirage 2000 Inc. I want you all to be on this case like glue! I will be assigning teams. Whatever team you get is the team you will be on when you're searching for clues. First team: John, Stacey, Greg, Sam, Alex, Tovah, Brad, and Kasandra. You may leave when ready." The chief said. The first team got up and left the building heading for Mirage 2000 Inc.

"Who's sick enough to kill a couple of teenagers and two grown people?" Stacey asked. John started up the police-detective car and he started to drive to Mirage 2000 Inc. building.

"Obviously the killer had nothing better to do. Wait, didn't they said that he used an axe for one of the murders?" asked Tovah.

"Yes Tovah. But, the fingerprints were that's no clue." Sam answered. "Unless if he left his gloves by the pole he chopped down."

"Everyone, we're here at Mirage 2000. Lets get ready to go on in." John said.

Chapter 2

"Well, I see the pole that he chopped down...but no gloves. They must already have the axe back at headquarters. Do you think we should go back and check?" Kasandra asked.

"Yeah! Go back. Kasandra and Brad, go back to HQ will ya? See if there's any evidence left there." John said. Brad and Kasandra nodded and the went in the police-detective car and drove off.

"You ready to go on in?"

"Yeah John. But how come no one else is here yet?" Alex asked.

"They'll get here soon...come, lets go!" John guided everybody into the Mirage 2000 Inc. building. They got the creeps as the walked in. They went into the office seeing dry blood staining one of the chairs. They all new that that was where the president was murdered...but there was no evidence.

"No evidence seems to be in sight." Stacey started too look around for evidence. "Wait a minute! Look at this e-mail on the computer."

"Dear Andrew, I don't know what I'm going to do. I've gotten so many phone calls that all said beware. I wish you weren't away at your buisness trip...but will you please help me. I don't know what to do. E-mail me back as soon as possible." The e-mail read.

"And look at this! This Andrew seemed to e-mail her back saying,'Don't worry my love, I will return home soon. But in the mean time...try and close Mirage 2000 down until the police can find a logical explanation.' Well, it seems like this Andrew had the right idea." Stacey said. Stacey walked out of the office with the rest of her partners following her. They began to walk up the stairs and they saw another stain of blood. The all went into the library.

"Why would their be a library at a company?"

"To look for ingredients to put in their perfumes...and maybe during break time, people like to read. Ahhhh!" Stacey said.

"What's wrong Stacey?"

"Alex! Look! A noose!" Stacey put her hands over her eyes.

"Yes, one boy was hanged here. Jeff Desely I believe. There should be more clues around here. Lets keep looking around." Alex said.

"No way! This is getting a little to gross for me. But yet, I'm a cop. I must stick with my job. I'm part of the police-detective force. I'll do my mission well."

Chapter 3

"It seems like no one is here at HQ." Brad said as he walked into the "Evidence Room."

"Well, they're probably all at Mirage 2000 Inc. or questioning people near by." Kasandra walked into the room and saw an axe.

"Do you think this was the axe he used?" Kasandra said pointing to the axe.

"No, that was the axe Bill Scare used in his crime."

"We still didn't capture him, huh?" Kasandra took her attention off of the axe and looked around.

(COMING SOON: The case of Bill Scare. Look for it in the horror section.)

"You don't think Bill Scare committed this crime to, do you?" Kasandra asked.

"Listen Kay, if he did...than he would definately be sentenced to the chair. But if he didn't...he would be in jail for life. And since he was a police officer himself once, I think he knows what to look out for from us." Brad said.

"Well, there's nothing here that we can do." Kasandra said. Than all of a sudden a loud crash came from the other room. Drawing their guns, Brad and Kasandra ran into the next room.

"What do you think that was?" Kasandra whispered.

"I don't know-oh no! CHIEF!" Brad and Kasandra ran up to the chief in fright. The chief was sitting down at his desk not being able to move. He was in complete shock.

"A black fig fig figure came running in, he charged at me. He slashed at me, so I play...played dead." The chief fell over and their was a huge cut in his back. Blood was gushing out.

"Oh my god! Isn't this the same way the president died at Mirage 2000 Inc.?"

"Yes Kay. Yes." Brad frowned.

Then all of a sudden. "Freeze! Brad Jezna and Kasandra Mirez you are arrested for murder of the chief. Don't make any move." 5 police officers just walked into the HQ and saw them with their guns out right next to the now dead chief.

"But we didn't do this!"

"Sure, that's what they all say. Get 'em boys!" 4 police officers ran up to Brad and Kasandra. They put handcuffs around them giding them into a prison cell.

"DAMMIT! We didn't do anything Brad!"

"Yeah but since we were the only ones in this building at the time we-"

"AAHHHHHHHHH!" Screams came from another room. Kasandra and Brad froze in fear.

"Looks like the killer's still out there Kay! And we're stuck here in the damn cell!"

"Brad, what are we going to do?!" Kasandra whispered.

"Only one way...the sewers." Brad removed the lid on the floor that led to the sewers. "So, this is how Bill Scare escaped so many times."

"Don't even try to escape that way! I'm here now and I'm in the mood for some kill!" It was Bill Scare! He had the axe in his hand with two nives in the other. He put the two nives in his coat pocket and told Kasandra and Brad to get up. Kasandra and Brad did.

"So it was you who attacked Mirage 2000!"

"Nope, I didn't have anything to do with it." Bill said. Kasandra grapped a key from her back pocket and she began to unlock the handcuffs. She did. She went behind Brad.

"What are you doing?"

"Just getting closer to my partner Bill." Kasandra answered. She just unlocked Brad's handcuffs. They drew their guns and stood up.


"Ahhhh!" Bill fainted at the site of the guns dropping the axe.

"Guess he's not our type of criminal, huh Kay?" Brad and Kasandra pulled Bill into the cell and locked it. They put on some gloves and they put the axe in the "Evidence Room."

Chapter 4

"Lets keep running! The killer's in here!" Stacey hollered. All the police-detective agents were running down the hallways for their lives. They left their guns and handcuffs in the car. They had no protection.

"Don't let him catch up!" John shouted.

"YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS! THE KILLER GOT GREG!" Tovah shouted after her partners.

"We have to go back for him. Before he gets killed too!" Alex said.

"But we have no guns! What are we going to do?" Sam looked at John for an answer. John just began to walk back to the Library where the killer was. Everyone followed.

"Greg?" John walked into the library. Than he saw Greg's body hanging from a noose. The same noose that Jeff Desely was murdered with.

"Guys! Lets turn back." John turned around and walked out of the library.

"It's way too late for Greg."

" mean, he was murdered?" Tovah asked.

"Hanged actually...and out of all the's clear that one of us is the murderer!"

Chapter 5

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, Kasandra and Brad left to HQ. And I just got a radio message from them that they are on their way back here. All of us where black pants and a blue shirt. So to be a black figure we could easily just put on a mask and a black sweatshirt. And, the only one that new the killer got Greg was...Tovah!"

"No! It's not true!"

"Sorry Tovah, but we can't take any chances. In the mean're going to be locked up in here." John threw Tovah in a closet. He found a key right next to the door and he tried to lock it. The closet door locked.

"Now lets look for mor clues." John said placing the key right next to the door.

"Are you sure that's the right thing to do to Tovah? It probably isn't even her!" Sam said. John just nodded and began to walk ahead.

"What the hell does that mean, John?" Sam asked. John didn't answer. Instead he continued to walk ahead with the rest of his partners following him.

"Wait, lets break up into teams from here. Stacey and Sam, you go down that way. Alex and I will go down this way. Okay?" John ordered. John and Alex walked down the stairs to the first floor and arrived at the cafeteria.

"Should we look in there?"

"Maybe...ALEX LOOK OUT!" John pushed Alex away from where he was standing. There was an axe attached to the rope that was attached to the door nob of the cafeteria door. If Alex opened the door, his head would've been sliced open. But, Alex did open the door...and John pushed him away.

"AHHHH! No!" Alex ran back up the stairs looking for Stacey and Sam. He just left John's body with an axe through his head down stairs.

"Alex? Alex what's going on?" It was Tovah from inside the closet.

"So it wasn't you Tovah! Hang on!" Alex found the key on the floor and unlocked the door. Tovah came out of the closet.

"What's wrong?"

"John's dead. He saved my life. He pushed me out of the way of an axe falling on my head."

"Oh man...we must find Stacey and Sam...RIGHT AWAY!" Tovah hollered. She and Alex ran down the hallway looking for Stacey and Sam.

Chapter 6

"Still no sign of them. Do you think they left?" Kasandra said getting out of the police-detective car.

"No, lets just go inside and look for them." Brad said. They both walked into the building and headed up the stairs. They were surprised to see Tovah and Alex running down the hallway."

"Kasandra! Brad!" Alex and Tovah yelled.

"What's going on Tovah?"

"Greg was hanged and-" Tovah started to say.

"And John was sliced in the head by an axe." Alex finished the sentence.

"But what about Stacey and Sam?"

"We broke up into teams looking for the killer. Stacey and Sam are probably somewhere down stairs."

"Great, so the killer's in here? I'll radio for help." Kasandra picked up her radio. "That's funny, mine's all staticy."

"Me too. What about yours?" Brad asked.

"We have ours in the car." Tovah answered. Kasandra, Brad, Tovah, and Alex all walked down stairs heading for the car. They tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"No! Great, we're trapped her." Tovah said.

"Hang on, let me shoot the handle with my gun!" Kasandra pulled out her gun but she was knocked over by a black figure. The blackfigure knocked out all 4 of them and he took Kasandra's and Brad's gear off.

Chapter 7

"I thought I heard screams coming from downstairs, lets go!" Stacey said. Sam and Stacey both ran down the stairs trying to see where those strange sounds came from.

"Wait! Look at that! Isn't that Kasandra's hat?" Sam asked. Stacey and Same picked up the hat. Stacey nodded.

"It's Kasandra's alright. Man, I wonder where the rest of our cops are. Our team is the only on here. Lets radio for help."

"But we don't have our radios, they're in the car!" Sam said.

"If Kasandra's here, than so is the car! Look!" Stacey said. The car was parked out front. "Dammit! The door's what?"

"How should I know?" Sam said. They walked down the hallway on the first floor and saw all of their partners leaning against a wall tied up in ropes.

"STACEY! SAM! HELP!" Their partners yelled. Stacey and Sam ran up up to their partners and untied them. Than, a gun shot fired.

"What was that?" Alex stood up and brushed off all the dust on him.


"Another gun shot!" Stacey said. Just than, Alex fell into her arms with blood coming out of his head. Stacey screamed and dropped him.

"Not another victim!" They all ran to John's death and took the axe out from his head. They chopped down the door closest to them with the axe. They ran into their car and they drove off.

Chapter 8

"Good thing we got out of there!" Stacey said as she drove the car away.

"Yeah, good thing! Say bye!" The black figure was in the car! He threw a clock infront of Stacey and he jumped out the door.

"What is it?" Tovah asked.

"IT LOOKS LIKE A TIME BOMB!" Sam hollered. Stacey pressed hard on the brakes and skidded all the way into a building. They tried to unbuckle themselves. The clock said 5 seconds left.

"HURRY GUYS!" Stacey shouted. 4, 3, 2-1!


The car exploded and the black figure took off his mask. He took out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote:

"My dearest love. We pulled off the best crime together! You pretending that you were dead with a nife down your back was a great idea. Now I just killed some of the police-detective force. We can finally escape to Canada like we always dreamed. But we must escape quickly, because the detectives are probably going to be looking for your body. After all, you are the president of Mirage 2000. I'll meet you soon. Love, Andrew."