My life for me is laid out
Like a map
Easily to follow
And simple to achieve.

I want to go to college
And I want to dream big.
I want to change the world,
I want to propose an idea.
I want to succeed
I want to breath.
I want to live long
And healthy
Meet my love of my life
And I want be a wife.
I want to have kids
And treat them well.
I want to be loved
And liked as well.

My dreams may mean
Nothing to you,
But to me
They're the only things I have.
I was never popular,
I was never cute,
I was never the person someone
Wanted to date.

No matter how many friends
Have left me,
My dreams have always been there
They haven't left,
So I think I owe them something.
In return they give me something
They are a part of me,
And never will you take that away.