A couple times I came to a path
Which forked into two.
My life depends on this,
Whether to turn left or right
This will be my life of bliss.

If I make the wrong decision
And travel down the wrong path
It will mean turning back
And traveling the same torment
That I endured before.

To the left lies a path that
Is set out for me by others.
It does not hold my dreams,
And it does not ascertain me

To the right lies a path
That reveals the unknown.
MY path.
Happiness might follow,
It might not.
Should I take the risk?
Or should I be cautious.

This is my life and I willmake mistakes
People mistakes, and no one is perfect.
I hope that I make the right decisions

As I start down the right path.
Half way down, I look back…
I don't second-guess myself,
But instead I look to the future,
Because the future is ahead of me
And I'll always know, that the left path
Won't abandon me, and will always be there.
And will take me without any conditions.

But the true question is…
Will you be there, if I happen
To make a wrong turn?
Will you be like the path and be with me
Through the left and right journey