As the days passed on, it grew within him. Like a cancerous tumor, spreading through out. Every time he saw her, his heart would skip. Pause. Then slowly, it would start thumping hard against his chest, faster and faster. Fantasies about her would once again fill his head. Such unrealistic fantasies, wishing of her to be with him, to hold him, to love him, to adore him. And that obsession continued growing. It had been a year since it all started. One whole year, and now, the tumor was not about to kill him only.

He watched from afar as Ed ruffled Alexandra's hair. They talked. They laughed. They had so much fun together. And the way Alexandra treated him? Downright cold.

Emotions were mixing up within him. The hate, the anger, the hurt, the sorrow. That longing for her touch. And the desire for his soul. The hatred was burning inside; the devil was ruling him as the angel he once listened to was whimpering, enclosed within the cage of green jealousy and red hate.

"No, Jake... Don't do it," but the voice simply echoed through Jake's mind, and lost within his dark thoughts. Angel had no control. The malicious chuckle of the devil was all Jake could hear, and all Jake was willing to listen to.

His bag was open. His pencil case was open. The books were there, the pens were there. But something other then Jake was missing.

Alexandra screamed. Someone fell, and Jake turned to Alexandra. He dropped the penknife and closed up on her, forcing her into a corner. "Alexandra, I love you," he said, attempting to ruffle her hair like Ed did. Tears flowed down Alexandra's cheek and she pushed Jake aside and ran next to her fallen love. She held him in her arms and cried. Jake was lost. Why. Even after he was dead, why did she still love him? Why still cry over him? The world around him started to swirl. All he saw was Alexandra and Ed.

Nothing mattered now. He gave up. The tumor striked. Blood spilled over his wrist. And the last sound he heard was the sound of the penknife hitting the floor, the blade snapping into two. It was all over.