It is something

Always something, something, something

Something about the way you said my name

Something, something, something

That something took away all the blame

Manipulative something

Telling me one thing

Something makes my ears ring

When I hear you

But in a good way…somehow


Something, you're missing something

Someone? SomeOne? Both?

I'd like to think I'm one thing

Or maybe that that thing's the Truth

Something, something

Hopeful something

Hold that something tight, it may make it right

Or that something could not be That at all

That something could fall

Into nothing

What is that something?

That something, dangling in front of me

And behind me, it laughing

If that is the something is isn't

That One thing

But that something is slapping me awake

And I keep on dreaming

Dreaming of someone, of you

It would be ironic

If dreams ever actually came true

Something, something

That tree with the pink flowers

The petals dropping down

They were something once

Before they reached the ground


Invisible towers

From fairy-tales

Something remains open

A ship of hope

With that melancholy Something, sails

That wicked something, taunting you

something looking you in the face

something, someone, somehow

you will try to find your place

find it, but what is it?

The wind in front of your eye

but you cannot see it

And, I suppose, neither can I

Within that something

There is a call

There is a person

Standing tall

Who is that person?

Person never there, person always done

Person there, not there

A personality, or

The state of being aware

Think and reach, if only for

That fact that that person,

That bitter, lonely person

Within that something, clinging

Whom you do not know, who knows you none

Within that mist cloud, singing

That person, that very person

That person, that person, that person

That person by the sun

That person is someone.