Living in the dark

By: Gray Angel

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you said yes instead of no?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you did not have to spill the blood of your parents, your mom always messed up, you dad always so harmful?

Have you ever looked in a mirror and the refection was not you?

Have you ever though of what it would be like to cry instead of holding it all in?

Some times you want but your body wont let you. Your walls are cracked but not broken. It scares people when you let go it even scares you. So you don't.

Even though you're with people you're still alone. Tone deft to the world.

Blackened unable to see the world. Like you just been tossed into a pit. You open your eyes but you see nothing. You open your mouth, nothing comes out. You open your ears nothing comes in. You're frozen so cold and numb inside.

Then you see a small shred of light and you hold into it. It's so warm you've never felt this way. You can fell, you can see. You can hear it; the binds of darkness have been lifted. But your walls push you back in. You fall back into the dark, back into the numbness but this time it is worse. You have felt, smelled, tasted the light, you like it but you won't admit it. You have lived in the darkness all your life you like it in the dark you're used to it, but you have seen the light, there will always be something in your head:

What would it be like if you lived in the light instead of the dark?

What would it be like if I had emotions instead of none?

What would it be like if I could fell and not be numb?

That question will always be in you head eating away at your mind.