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A sequel to Sleeping Beauty or A Fairytale
Once upon a time there was a king and a queen in a land far, far away. They had everything they could wish for but one thing. They had no children.

Then one day the queen gave birth to a wonderful little princess. The queen wanted to ask all the fairies to be godmothers.

"But why should we ask the evil fairy to be godmother to our little daughter?" the king asked, horrified by his wife's decision.

"Don't you remember what happened to me when my parents ignored her?" the queen asked. "I had to sleep for a hundred years!" That argument the king could not ignore, so they asked all the fairies to come. They also sent invitations to the neighbouring countries' royal families, as well as all the noble families in their own kingdom.

As the big day was drawing nearer the kingdom bustled with activity. Everyone wanted it to look nice for the princess. So the big day came. All the invited people showed up. The evil fairy seemed to like it, so the king and the queen thought now she had nothing to be angry about. They decided it was time for everyone to give the princess their gifts. The first good fairy gave her good health for the rest of her life and the second gave her beauty.

The third fairy godmother was just about to give her gift when the evil fairy lost her patience.

She cursed the princess.

"I've had enough, I don't care how beautiful or pretty she is!" She started. "No Prince will fall in love with her or want to marry her!"

Then she disappeared.

The silence was absolute, until the queen started to cry.

"Oh, my God," the king said. "Someone do something."

Everyone panicked. The king then turned to the fairies and asked if they could do anything about it.
"No, we can only give her one gift each," the oldest said. The queen fainted.

"Ehm, I could maybe do something," said the third fairy, whom everyone had forgotten.

"Oh yes!" everyone, but the queen, exclaimed. "Take away the curse!"

But she could not take it away completely; she could only diminish it. The prince who didn't know she was a princess could fall in love with her. The king thought that was stupid. She was a princess; everyone would know who she was. Someone then got the idea that she could stay with and be brought up by the fairies. That was a good idea, the king thought, so the princess moved out to her fairy godmothers' cottage in the woods.

16 years later the princess was out in the forest picking berries.

The neighbouring king's son was on his way through the forest when he heard someone singing very beautifully. He got of the horse and followed the sound to a little clearing. There he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He asked her name and got to know it was Rosalyn.

"And what is your name?" she asked him. He was the most handsome young man she had ever seen, which was not strange since he was the first young man she saw. He answered her and said his name was Christopher. He then helped her pick berries until her basket was full. She thanked him by inviting him home for lunch. As they made their way to the cottage they talked about everything under the sun. They got to know they shared some interests and that they liked each other. By the time they came to the cottage Rosalyn and Christopher had decided that if they were not allowed to marry each other they would not marry at all.

And that was what they told the three good fairies.

"But you can not get married," one of the fairies objected.

"She is of royal blood," the second one clarified.

Christopher just laughed. "But that's no problem at all."

"Why not?" Rosalyn asked him.

"I'm a prince."

After that the fairies had no more objections. On the contrary they were very happy to bring the prince and the princess to the castle as quickly as possible. There they had to wait for some days so the servants could prepare a wedding great enough for a royal couple. Invitations were sent out and the prince's parents had to rush there to make it in time.

The wedding was very grand, as could be expected when the future king and queen got married.

Then everyone lived happily ever after. Well at least that's what I've heard.

The End