By: Gray Angel

Are memories what make a person?

What if one has none?

What kind of person would he or she be?

Memories of childhood.

Memories of the past.

They are all gone.

I have no memory, I am nothing.

I am like an empty shell with a soul trapped inside.

What will death bring me?

Will it bring back my memories?

I look inside of my brain and nothing is all I see.

Many can remember, but I don't.

I look down to the ground and wonder what could have happed.

To make me lose my memory.

To make me lose my soul.

Try hard to remember I do, but nothing comes out.

I ponder if I was not meant to be.

If I was, I would have memories.

But I don't.

I try to find a light deep inside my heart.

But there is none to find.

I live an empty life, with no memories.

I think hard that someday, maybe someday

My memories will come back to me.