A/N: This is a strange poem. And I do not own the Sweet Sue/Toni company. Blah. Bye!

What Happens With Dolls When We're Not Looking

The dolly is sitting there

She's a pretty one, her eyes bright blue

There are curls in her yellow hair

And she goes by the name of Sweet Sue

A smile plays on her rose red lips

The people have left the house

So she stands up and sways her hips

And goes to her friend, and straightens her blouse

Her friend, Toni, is a straightforward doll

Her hair is black and rather short

She's rather beautiful and rather tall

Standing in her glassy fort

As she sees Sue, she greets her with a smile

With a vinyl hand she opens the cabinet door

She climbs carefully down, taking a while

For is it quite a distance to the floor

They talk and talk and laugh

Reminiscing about their Day

Sue finally thinks of the fun they could have

And has the urge to say

"Let us dolls gather together!

The family still isn't here

We could all meet and talk and laugh

(and play with the CPKs, so dear!)."

So they find all of their comrades

On their shelves upon the wall

Mostly ladies, for there are few lads

(this excepting John and Paul)

they have fun starting the meeting

the babies giggling, the Cissies prissing

But Sue's eyes widen- among the seating

There is one doll who is missing!

Julie is the fairest one

Among this plastic world

"She'd l ike to join in the fun!"

Says Sue, a ribbon around her finger twirled

But they don't know where she could be!

The closet, the drawer, the table?

Hilda thinks she fell into a cup of tea

But Toni surely knows she's not able

Julie has the pinkest lips

The dollies have ever seen

And she always takes the daintiest sips

From tea (which Hilda claimed to have been mean)

Her hair is beautiful

It is tosca and wavy and soft

Her eyes are the sweetest blue

("Must be contacts," Cissy had coughed)

She has a quiet posture

Sitting in her dainty dress

Her personality has never lost her-

It's as beautiful as the rest

Her laughter is like the sound of bells

Her eyes and smile free

"We adore her," Sue to Toni tells

"But I don't know where she could be!"

Suddenly the room falls silent

(The sound once so unruly)

The Bratz stop creating a riot

For there, in the doorway, is Julie!

She walks up to all of them,

"I'm sorry I'm late," she says

She explains she was busy sewing a hem

For Lotus Blossom's new dress

So, the dolly party goes on

They talk and eat their fun-with-food

Their party dresses they all don

Which helps the cheery mood

But there is a sudden knock-!

Paulette looks from the dolls she'd arranged so slickly

"Is that a doll party?' Jeff asks with mild shock

"Of course not," she replies quickly