A/N: I don't know where this came from. It could be seeing The Lark. This is the story of a girl's Godless judgment after death and before moving on to her next life. The cast of characters is quite large, 56 characters, I believe. Not all will be named or speak, but remember that they are all present. This chapter is short. It is merely an introduction to what I hope will be a long story.
Her silence was not ominous. She sat among the people who knew her best. Friends (Emma, Anna, Samantha, Marc, Shelley, Claire, Dan, Will, and David), family (her parents, 23 cousins, 14 aunts and uncles, grandparents, and sister), and boyfriends, ex and current (Andrew and Josh). Her twin sister, Jenna, knew her the best. She was friend and family and was therefore more experienced in the field of Lilith than anyone. Her boyfriends knew the most hidden, dark, and secretive Lilith...sexual, romantic, loving, and hateful. Everyone who had been a seventeen-year-old girl understood what it was to be a seventeen-year-old girl, but you can never truly understand anyone. With all the pieces, maybe Lilith could hope to understand herself.
No, her silence was not ominous. It was deep and pensive, but not ominous, for there was hardly anything left to happen. Everyone still hoped and believed that it was a bad dream. Everyone but Lilith, who knew for sure that it wasn't. She knew that she would never be alive again as this girl, and that this was her chance to finally know what everyone she loved truly thought of her. It was her last chance to understand. This was her judgment. A Godless judgment, and she was glad at that. At least she didn't have to face such a horrible, vast wrongness at her end. What happened now would impact and define who she would be in her next life.